1. E

    Slight Jerks/ Vibrations while taking off

    Hello guys. Maybe there's open thread already for this matter but I couldn't find same symptoms as mine. E350 2009, 48000 miles, full service history MB. Since I bought it I'm feeling slight jerks while taking off especially when the car is hot (when oil is on working temperature). Today...
  2. A

    Servicing taking the p!sh?

    Had my AMG CLA 45 for a few months and its due its first 10k service (A). Local dealer quoting £590 for this?? I know its a performance car but I've had Audi S4, Evo X, etc previously and don't remember it being that high for a first service??
  3. J

    Taking C350e to France

    Hi I'm off to Paris tomorrow in the C350e - it's not great timing from the fuel point of view... Has anyone taken a C350e or a plug in car to France? I don't have room for both cables and am wondering if it is worth taking them. In our Paris office car park their are regular plug...
  4. poormansporsche

    C43 heated seats, taking ages to warm up ?

    Just fitted them, they get there eventually but don't seem overly warm to the touch ? Is this correct ? My ole Volvo ones heated up in seconds and were lovely. I've been sitting in the car for 10 minutes and I've only just got a toasty bum ! That was reswitching on setting 2 a couple of times...
  5. Reggie-rock

    Taking up cycling again after a 40 year gap !

    I am taking up cycling again for pleasure after a 40 year gap. I have purchased a fantastic slightly used aluminium racer with campag. gears etc. and look forward to getting back on the saddle, but don't think I will do time trials as I used too. I think my wife thinks I am a little mad, hope I...
  6. ash59fifty-uk

    Black Friday- Who's taking advantage tomorrow?

    Anyone got their eye on anything this year? Last year my friend and I filled up my small 3-door Audi three times with goods, across six Tesco stores, three Game stores and whatever else was open at silly o'clock! May treat myself to a new TV sooner than I thought, haven't seen any good deals...
  7. Gumball

    Is the main dealer taking the pi** ??

    Recently bought a W211 E63 , downside was it only came with 1 key . Asked the dealers how much for a replacement they said £234 !! for a new smart key. So goes into the dealer to pay and order the key today , only to be told that because mine has keyless it would be another £60 to programme it...
  8. G

    Taking UE 200E W124 >25 years old to UK

    Hi all, my name is Gian Paolo, I'm italian and I have been living for some years in Spain. I'm moving to UK for work and I would like to take my cars with me, despite the annoying things that may happen when driving a EU car in a place where everything is placed on the other side :D So, I have...
  9. nickjonesn4

    Taking the plunge

    taking my e55 in to get the remedial work done it needs at Eurocharged on 10th. New intercooler pump, breathers, some front suspension parts that are rusted and creaky. Also getting the underbody done with Waxoyl. Couldnt resist remap having managed 3 weeks of ownership not the 6 months I...
  10. MB-BTurbo

    Taking apart a B class dash

    I need to get to the heater motor on my B200T (2006) and believe it to be hidden behind the dash. I have successfully dismantled Ford and Subaru dashes before but the B class seems to be screwed together better and I have no idea where to start. :dk: Anyone got any useful pointers...
  11. M

    dealer taking the weewee

    my cls has been in my local stealer since last Thursday morning,problem was when I went over speed humps there was a grating/knocking noise coming from osf, went out for a test drive with one of the tecs and he said 'yep,deffo a prob' you don't say mate:doh:, I said likely drop links or maybe...
  12. moonloops

    Taking crumple zones to the max!

    Interstate 84 semi-truck crash: Crushed by 2 big rigs, he walks out with 2 Band-Aids | OregonLive.com Hope he's figuring on buying a lottery ticket.
  13. A

    Hi all, taking the next step with my CLK

    I've owned my 98 CLK230 Kompressor for a year now and I'm just amazed at the quality in build and drive presence this 16 year old delivers. Always admired the shape of the W208 and the opportunity came my way with only 60k on the clock knowing all the owners. I run a Honda CB1300S red frame...
  14. m2287

    This man didn't want his car taking away!!!!

  15. mat8n

    Taking the SL round the ring....

    ..... Of kerry that is. Half way round today, had the weather so far. Staying in Killarney for a few days and doing the tourist thing :D
  16. M

    ★ New video of my C63 taking Soldiers sideways around a race track :D ★

    Hi all, I did another charity event last week for the Help for Heroes & Not Forgotten Association, took the soldiers around the Brands Hatch Racing Circuit in England. Car spent all day going into limp mode but was a great day! Unfortunately I didn't check my GoPro settings and recorded the...
  17. K

    SRS light after taking airbag out,,HELP

    I took my airbag out today so that I could change the indicator/wiper assembly, put it all back together nice and neatly and now have a light on the dash, is there any way I can this out myself?
  18. chrisjfinlay

    Viseeo MB4 taking long time to activate

    I recently purchased a Viseeo MB4 and it arrived today. I've been following the instructions for installing it in my car (W221), and when I plug it in and turn on my ignition, the COMAND unit stays on "Activating telephone, please wait". It's been like this for over 5 minutes now. The green...
  19. I

    Taking a risk

    I'm sure there'll be some questions asked if the water gets any higher. Could be looked upon as good advertising though as the pic does the rounds online.
  20. guydewdney

    Eclipse taking the micky?

    I have tinternetweb through Eclipse - a small bunch in the south west. my last bill is this Line Description Months Amount 001 Service Reference EN537056/1 1 £28.33 Home Broadband and Calls 50Gb Broadband Evening + Weekend Calls ([email protected]) installed at...
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