1. Charles Morgan

    Tarnished aluminium trim

    My red car has a lot of aluminium trim that was pretty badly tarnished. Using Autosol got rid of much of the tarnish but still pretty flat to look at: By chance I was using Meguiars Ultimate protectant on some of the black finish by the aluminium, and some of it ended up there - I wiped it...
  2. KNU7S

    R129 Tarnished Grill

    Hi has any one got a solution or suggestion for sorting out the grill on my 1991 SL500? It looks terrible. I have heard it is a common problem and i have been advised that new blades are approx £450-£500. I have seen some painted black but i do like the original finish. Can anyone help?
  3. D

    Tarnished Badge

    This weeks AUTOCAR page no55 " Nuf said! "
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