1. lfckeeper

    Full camber caster toe alignment North East

    Can anyone recommend a full alignment place in the North East (Not MB Teesside- I wouldn't give them the s--t off my shoe or Prestige Stockton they always seem uninterested, which is a shame as both are about 4 mins away). Unfortunately the most recommended people on here (WIM) are too far...
  2. M

    S210 adjustable rear toe arm

    Hi Guys, does anyone know where I can get a fully adjustable rear toe arm or track control arm for the S210, have an issue with the rear passenger side being 7mm out and wont come in any more, have replaced all the arms, hub and subframe bushes to no avail, so can't be bothered changing anymore...
  3. L

    Viewed and now time to dip the toe in..!

    Hi to all, I’m new to the MBClub forum, although I have viewed a few threads in the past on a number of areas and now feel the need to seek some help. I’m not new to MB having owned and loving cared for my ’95 E220 Coupe for over 8 years. I must say I’ve loved every minute... a driving...
  4. M

    S210 adjustable rear toe arm

    Does anyone know where I can get a fully adjustable rear toe control arm for an S210 e320cdi, I have seen them for stupid money on ebay but just looking something that ain't going to break the bank
  5. M

    S210 rear camber and toe out

    Hi, just new to this site and this is my first post, I have a S210 320cdi and the rear passenger wheel is toed out and the camber looks very straight compared to the other side which has negative camber as it should. I have had the car to the mechanics 3 times and they have replaced the hub...
  6. A

    Karimor Black safety boots (Steel toe) size 11

    Black size 11 Karimor saftey boots. Worn to wash the cars once and they are too small, hence look at the tread - Brand new - Boxed (athough tatty). Steel toe Great work boot. £22 posted.
  7. marty359

    Steel Toe Capped Trainers

    I bought these to get on a site that didnt allow my jallatte rigger boots, then the job got cancelled and I lost the reciept :doh: Brand new never been worn in a size 10. £25 inc postage.
  8. wheels-inmotion

    Camber, castor, toe, what's it mean!!

    What is it? Simply put Geometry is the X,Y,Z axis that forms a dynamic realm expressed by the suspension, steering and the cars parallelograms. Why have it? The actual tyre contact patch is about 1/3 of the total tyre width. During the suspensions transitions there is a need to maintain the...
  9. yachtman

    toe & camber figs please

    Does anybody know the front & rear toe in & camber figs for a 2008 w209? Hopefully the official MB values !! thanks
  10. W

    Broken toe?

    Sounds a bit silly, but I think I've broken a toe! :( In my left foot, second one in from the little toe. It was an unusual moment, I wacked it very hard on a table... Did it very early this morning/late last night, it's swollen right up as expected and it's pretty painful to walk on...
  11. L

    Top to toe refurb

    Not me ;), my house We have decided that after 12 years of living in the house its time to get rid of the magnolia walls. So, most of it is no problem but I have never tackled changing a bathroom. All the suite is staying where it is just being replaced and quite a bit of tiles. Anyone...
  12. T

    Toe's W202

    As requested by a few members here's my new C200 Esprit. 71 on the clock, V reg, Manual, 15's, I'm in love Had a DAB radio put in last week. Cheers Toe
  13. ckember

    toe rag Mother F*****s

    :mad: :devil: :crazy: :( Been away on a buisness trip and parked the beloved merc in PinkElephant at Heathrow, On return today found the image below greeting me. They took the command 2 head unit and 6 disc player from the glove box. Police had already been and tried to finger...
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