1. T

    Anyone collecting a new AMG tomorrow !!!?

    All the Info in the title !
  2. Benzmanc

    Going here tomorrow

    Mercedes AMG HPP Will try to wangle a tour but doubt it lol
  3. J

    F1 Event tomorrow in London
  4. clk320x

    Driving to Belgium tomorrow, and can't find my V5

    Driving to Belgium tomorrow, and I can't find my V5 anywhere :doh: I've got my proof of insurance / drivers licence etc. Is this likely to be an issue?
  5. K

    Help E55 possible Voltage Regulator issue. Battery Red Error. Need fixing tomorrow

    I am in big trouble and need my car fixed tomorrow ( Friday) I suspect the voltage regulator has gone, as both battery's were changed around 1.5 years ago and the voltage is just 11.7v with the engine running. Terry is busy for quite a well. I am located in Bracknell and will try Star...
  6. CLSMark

    Service C (first one) Tomorrow

    Using Tim Purslow, who is a reputable Indy, who has everything the MB main agent has for half the price. For anybody who doesn't know, his Dad is Tony Purslow who is a Hampshire and beyond MB main dealer. Will report back for any Hampshire based forum members. But so far been excellent, free...
  7. T

    Viewing a 2004 E270 CDI tomorrow. Anything I should pay particular attention to?

    It's an estate with FSH (apparently), and 178k miles on the clock. I've been told it's been well looked after by the local doctor owner for the last 12 years but there are few if any receipts for work. I'll be insisting on a good test drive and I'll be looking over the car best I can...
  8. N

    Driving test tomorrow, ? on adjusting NS door mirror for reversing around corner.

    My son has his driving test tomorrow around noon. When doing the reversing around a corner manoeuvre he has been adjusting the NS door mirror so that he can see the kerb. Today he had a professional driving lesson & matey told him he couldn't do that. Seems odd in light of the way many cars...
  9. grober

    Tomorrow's world

    Or rather its modern day descendant BBC News channel's CLICK . This week as always was interesting taken as a whole. But the section on autonomous drone tech was mesmerising. :eek: 11 mins 45seconds in. BBC iPlayer - Click - 22/10/2016
  10. C

    (Possibly) Buying a C63 Coupe tomorrow - Help

    HI all, After looking at a few cars I've found one almost on my doorstep; a white C63 coupe with the PPP and the LSD. The car's advertised with 45k miles, but a check on the DVLA site shows 15 k in March at its first MOT. The dealer's explained that being down to a "new chip" replacement...
  11. E

    Long journey tomorrow. Place your bets.

    I am going to take a drive from Bournemouth to Balloch to see my folks this weekend. It's circa 480 miles and I did it in the pre-facelift C63 a couple of years back. The result was 34mpg average at 70mph and I did it on one complete tank........ just! That car was mapped (V4 about 520) and was...
  12. T

    Tinting tomorrow need help

    Hi I'm getting my 2012 w204 fire opal red c250's rear windows tinted tomorrow but can't decide on what percentage still. Anyone have a red w204 with windows tinted to show me some pics to give me a better idea. Cheers in advance
  13. A

    What you all up too tomorrow

    Prestatyn Classic car show I'm off to this, weather looks good and can't beat have a gorp at all the marquees And the its free, fish and chips by the sea for me. Whatever you all doing tomorrow hope you all have a good day. Cheers Ben:thumb:
  14. N

    Anyone going to BCA Bedford tomorrow

    Have seen a car at the auctions tomorrow and would be prepared to pay any dealers attending there for there time/effort in previewing and appraising car for me Nimish
  15. BIRMA

    I say goodbye to my SL63 tomorrow

    I'm afraid my one year attention span/interest has kicked in so I say farewell to my SL63 tomorrow. Over the past few weeks I have tried an Arial Atom, a KTM X-Bow and a Lotus 2-11 all very good at re-arranging your internal organs but the open no windscreen design has put me off all of them...
  16. sgh

    W205 14 plate pickup tomorrow

    Can't wait picking up my 2014 C CLASS C250 BlueTEC AMG Line Premium Plus tomorrow. Wa very impressed on the test drives & the inside really shows Mercedes have moved up a gear. I've had 3 SLK's & an A Class previous to this. Has pretty much most of the extras apart from Airmatic suspension.
  17. A

    Collecting car tomorrow

    Hi folks, quite excited now as the dealer called yesterday to say that we can collect the cabriolet tomorrow, this will be my first ever drop top & my first petrol Mercedes so I'm looking forward to it, bring on the sunshine lol :D:bannana: :thumb:
  18. Y8cel

    Silverstone Tomorrow

    Anybody attending the Silverstone Sunday Service Tomorrow?
  19. T

    How many new Mercs tomorrow........

    Get my GLC tomorrow, wondered how many more new ones will be going to forum owners tomorrow and who'll be first. I have a 3 hour train ride to get mine so it'll be late morning for me.....
  20. T

    Pick up the CLS tomorrow

    Pick up the CLS tomorrow, I must admit I'm starting to get excited :D. Going to be even more excited when I give it a right good clean over the weekend and polish those tail pipes, can't see the Vauxhall main dealer doing a very good job of it :eek:.
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