1. grober

    Hms queen elizabeth night transit [YOUTUBE HD]/BknEq236s_Q[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. Palfrem

    If this were Dave the plasterer in his Transit....

    BBC News - Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff escapes ban for speeding Hmmm.
  3. jamesfuller

    Transit Van £1400ono

    1995 Transit 2.5 di 89,000 miles Pretty straight and tidy for a 19 year old van! Mot passed in December with no advisories. The underside is nice and clean and rust free. Has some racking, workbench & vice in the rear. Alpine CD player Single passenger seat that reclines and swivels...
  4. Gollom

    2006 55 ford transit 2.4 tdci motorhome

    Just a very tentative question before I maybe see this tomorrow in Preston It has done 172K - how bulletproof are these engines? The place gives 3 month warranty and is not a back street operation. Normal questions - what should I look for? Cheers!
  5. The _Don

    Ford transit mk1 cm auto home - 2.5 di diesel manual

    Cars For Sale Scroll down a touch.

    The transit of Venus

    BBC2 2100hrs No, sorry, nothing to do with the Ford transit at all. Venus (a planet):D passes in front of the sun. The next one will be in 2117. This is of no interest to me, however, with so many members, I feel sure it will be of interest to some.
  7. E

    Anyone need a Transit. (Another ebay gem)

    :D eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  8. proser

    Transit van or similar

    Looking for a mate: the best possible for around £1200 Any one got one for sale ??
  9. E

    transit van stereo

    My dad has a ford transit 08 85bhp, the stereo is a cd6000 and sometimes displays 'phone' and wont play sound or do anything else. You just have to wait until it goes off and can do this at any time. The problem isnt mentioned in the hand book, anyone have any ideas?
  10. BillyW124

    Transit V8!

    ‪Ford Transit V8 drifting‬‏ - YouTube
  11. Spinal

    Urgent: Doha Qatar Transit Visa

    A quickie... I've been looking online but can't find much... I'm going to India and one flight goes via Doha with a 10hour stay. Do I need to get a transit visa for Quatar (British passport and Italian passport for my travel buddy)? From what I can find, they issue transit visa's on...
  12. B

    Ford Transit

    Hi all, Have a ford transit for sale spect as follows: 2001 51 reg 260 SWD TD 112,055 Full Respray New gearbox 12 Months MOT £2,700
  13. lynall

    Whoops just stuffed the old girl up the back of a Transit

    Poor old thing:eek: Of course transit tough as old boots some trim damage. My car rad smacked up against fan hub dumped all coolant smashed condensor rad, bumper, wings, lights etc etc Was only saying last night got to give it a service this weekend and get down the paintshop for a...
  14. B

    It's official - Ford Transit seats the most comfortable in the world

    The Southern Water / Docwra boys outside my house managed 5 hours without moving a muscle in theirs last week Nick Froome
  15. D

    And tonight matthew ill be driving..... A Ford Transit

    .........cuz my benz is BUSTED I've been looking in on this great site for the last few years now, pretty much reading the threads from start to finish regardless of model, just outta general interest really and I know you guys love your motors but right now it aint luuuurve im feeling with...
  16. Satch

    Superb venus transit picture

    For those of you who missed this stunning event, a real never to be repeated in our lifetime experience :D
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