1. gaz_l

    Who knows about trees?

    Greetings, citizens. I live in a flat overlooking the local park, owned by and backing onto the council headquarters. There's an assortment of mature trees in the park and it's generally quite pleasant to look at out of the living room window. I'm not much into nature, but there was a...
  2. dokalj

    Removal of oak Trees

    Hi all, Unfortunately, the insurance has said our two oak trees that have TPO's have to be cut down to rectify the subsidence. Now a conservative estimate of 6 tonnes of oak needs to be removed, who owns this oak? I am sure the tree surgeon will attempt to sell this on....or do I have no say...
  3. SmartMAC

    sap from trees removal

    I am on holidays in Spain camping and got the car covered in super sticky sap from conifers. Washing makes no difference and even the wind screen washer does do anything on the drops which are on the wind screen.
  4. corned

    Overhanging trees and satellite reception

    We have a problem with our satellite reception. Our property has a boundary with a public park. This park has many mature trees in close proximity to the boundary. Occasionally we have problems with the overhanging canopy affecting our own trees and bushes, but the council (which owns the...
  5. SilverSaloon

    Health & Safety bans Christmas Trees

    its coming.... Poole — the town with a Christmas tree that you can wipe your feet on - Times Online
  6. glojo

    Artificial shrubs, trees

    Everyone comments on what a good source of information this forum is, so here's a test! Can anyone recommend a good source to buy some pretty, authentic looking shrub, bush or tree? Minimum 3ft in height with some nice colours, but it must be realistic looking. Regards, John
  7. grasmere

    What Price for Christmas Trees . . .

    I've just got a 6 foot non drop tree and paid £26 for it :crazy: Thats £4.33 a foot and as we all know the top couple of foot is spindly etc. What price range are we all experiencing around the UK - apart from free and artificial 'so its paid for ' of course ;)
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