1. M

    Rear headrest tvs

    Hi I have a 2006 gl420 with monitors in headrests with DVD player in boot . I can get picture but no sound any ideas would be much appreciated .
  2. stwat

    Old games consoles and new TVs

    Is it possible to use the Sega Mega Drive from the late 80's early 90s on modern HD LED TV's? And if so, how so? Thanks, Stu
  3. alzieboy

    Smart TVs streaming

    I can stream live football to my Pany smart TV via hdmi cable from my laptop okay. But when I get the streaming web site up on the TV it cannot open up to view the game , will only stream via laptop. Any help much appreciated :thumb:
  4. D

    What to do with old CRT Tvs?

    We have a perfectly good 21" Sony TV which, it seems, we can't even give away. Now surplus to requirements and even the charity shops don't want them. I hate this sort of waste but it appears destined for the tip. Anyone any bright ideas - or do you want it?
  5. cinek

    4k TVs

    I recall a thread on here regarding these televisions, but couldnt find it :( Anyway, I have been looking at these for some time now, thinking should I, should I not... Well, yesterday I did. I was looking at two Samsungs; 8500 vs 8200 and a Panasonic TX-58AX802. After discussing all the...
  6. crockers

    OLED v 4K TVs

    Has anyone bought either of these. Saw the 55" LG OLED in Costco and thought it was having read the interwebby am completely confused.
  7. Palfrem

    LG TVs monitoring viewing habits

    BBC News - LG investigates Smart TV 'unauthorised spying' claim Anyone else find this disgraceful? The DP Registrar should fine them 100% of UK turnover for last 5 years. I wonder who else is using this ability on our equipment
  8. Piff

    Sony TV's?

    Number 2 son is soon to buy a new TV in the 32" to 37" range. He is a Playstation addict. Is there any advantage in buying a Sony TV to link with the Playstation or isn't there much difference between the major brands?:dk:
  9. W

    Sony Centre TVs recommendation

    There have been a fair few threads asking for TV recommendations, so I thought I'd add my positive experience from my local Sony Centre. I've been researching which TV to buy for a few weeks now. I settled on a 3D Sony, so I naturally searched online for the best deal, where internet only...
  10. garystu1965

    Where can I buy standard widescreen TVs ?

    My tube has just gone on my 28" widescreen. I don't really want a flat LCD one. A standard CRT one will do. Does anyone know of a clearance place that sells them. ?
  11. scotth_uk

    London PS3 launch - free 46inch TVs!

    Anyone else notice this minor news point about the PS3 launch last night: "At the London launch everyone who bought a PS3 also received a free 46-inch HD television and a taxi home." Jesus! Scott
  12. pammy

    HD TVs

    Although not looking at the HD bit yet, I do fancy an lcd for when we move house in Jan. This seems a good deal. Is it?
  13. stats007

    Sony HD TVs

    I am thinking about getting one of these - purely because brand new it will only cost me £400. Is it worth it or should I opt for this which is twice the price?
  14. T

    C class W203 Headrest Tvs

    any1 fitted these into the new c class? Looking at them it does not look like they will mould in. Has anyone fited these? I think i might just have to get new headrests with built in Tvs
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