1. M

    W219 CLS320 CDI 209 - twitchy

    Had a chance to have a good drive in the car now and I love it. It's had new front springs and bushes and I'm finding that the back end feels twitchy and light on its feet over pots, drains and changes of surface. Is this due to the cars power or is it a rear suspension thing. It has a...
  2. A

    W220 Twitchy Rear

    I've recently purchased a 2001 S55 with a couple of niggles. The main one being that the back end is extremely twitchy going over anything more than a manhole cover at 30mph. The rear suspension is creaky, but I'm fairly sure that's just the old bushes that I'll be replacing soon, so I'm...
  3. funga007

    W202 rear twitchy and steering issue

    Hi guys, the road to perfection is slow for my mercedes. i have two issues (for now) 1. the rear of car twitches quite badly when going over ironworks on roads and can be quite scary in the rain. did change shock absorbers about 6 months ago and they not leaking. what could it be...
  4. K

    W126 - twitchy coolant temp needle

    The coolant temp needle on my SEC has all of a sudden become really twitchy. It will sit at the correct temperature for a while and intermittantly flick back to zero. Im guessing its the sensor, a connector or the insrtument cluster. There are 2 or 3 sensors near the water pump, any ideas which...
  5. Paul

    Light (twitchy) front end.

    My E230 (W210) feels twitchy at motorway speeds. The front tyres (Michelin Pilots) are near the wear indicators, could this be the reason? Any suggestions on their replacement or should I keep with Michelin? Car only done 36,000mls so no wear on steering gear.
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