W202 rear twitchy and steering issue

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Nov 11, 2007
Merc w202 200
Hi guys,

the road to perfection is slow for my mercedes.
i have two issues (for now)

1. the rear of car twitches quite badly when going over ironworks on roads and can be quite scary in the rain.
did change shock absorbers about 6 months ago and they not leaking.
what could it be?

2. When i steer to the left and sometime to the right the it feels as thought the left wheel gonna fall off, its like it skips. had a look on the ramp but could not see anything, how can i check steering under load, what could it be?

Any help with these issues will be great.

Car in garage getting engine mounts, o2 sensor getting done.
I am wondering if tracking is out - are all four tyres wearing evenly ?

do get down and look at full width of all four.
As above get your geometry checked, but do ensure that the lower ball joints and both the inner and outer track rod ends are not worn.
Do ensure that is a four wheel alignment you get done.
Check the rear toe link mount isn't broken off the subframe...
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