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  2. Paul-NI

    DOT11 Tyres

    Hi I have found some cheap tyres at my local dealer (cheap for a reason of course!) that I can put on as winter tyres, they are 235x45x17 but they are DOT11, never fitted though. Firstly would they fit the C250 AMG and would the DOT11 be ok? Thanks Paul.
  3. Felstmiester

    19" c63 rep wheels and tyres

    Selling a set of 19" reps with tyres. Wheels are finished in graphite grey. 235 fronts 255 rear. All with good tread. All tyres are kumho's. Pm if interested‪. £550
  4. G

    c63 507 look alloys brand new mpss tyres

    my previous set up of brand new mpss 255r and 235 f and 507 look alloys these tyres have literally 150 miles use and the alloys are totally unmarked as well 700.00 NO OFFERS wheels currently with Eurocharged in Watford and can be couriered at buyers expense
  5. J

    CLS63 (W219) 18" Tyres

    Dear All, time for a fresh pair of fronts. They're Pirelli P Zero Corsa (one MO one not!). Somewhat rare but still available in the handbook spec'd 255/40 r18 99Y XL size. Were these OE? Has anyone alternative recommendations, please? regards, Colin
  6. dynamicq

    Used tyres. Go - No Go?

    Due to the 245/40/17 being fairly rare and my financial situation mediocore I am thinking of buying used tyres. There is a pair of almost new but damaged tyres on ebay. Please refer to photo. I have bought used tyres before. Usually from F1 tyres in Romford. They are very good lads. They fit...
  7. T

    wheels and tyres for a vito

    Hi all. Been given a set of amg wheels that fit my vito. Mine are 16 in The amg are 17 in However what tyres do I put on. I'm thinking 225 55 17... 101 xl Would thee be OK as I done carry anything heavy.
  8. DaveE320CDI

    W211 225/55/16 Tyres

    Hi, Four Excellent tyres for sale came off my W211 E220 when I fitted Winters, Now sold the car so these no longer needed, Two Nexen S8000 Nearly new 6/7mm, and two Continental Conti premium contact 2 MO fitting about 4/5mm, Asking £80.00 pick up from York or arrange own courier, 07970469089...
  9. Adamccc

    Cheap as chips tyres

    Not sure is Buy cheap tyres online @ Mytyres.co.uk - tyre dealer for car and budget tyres has lost their minds but I just brought 2 x 295/30/20 Pilot Super Sports for my CLS... £172! They seem to have a quite a few tyres and sizes at £70-80 - thought fellow tyre smokers would be interested
  10. J

    Mercedes Alloys x4 refurbed and new tyres

    My ad on ebay, I will take an offer of a MB forum member.............. E-bay link here: Mercedes alloys set of four refurbished new tyres and valves | eBay Mercedes alloys 7.0 J x 16H2 ET 43 Refurbished here early 2015, £80 per wheel...
  11. J

    Brand new Land Rover Alloys + Tyres.

    Would someone like to make me a sensible offer please on the following: 5 No ,Brand new,never been used on the road, Land rover 6 spoke alloy wheels complete with brand new Goodyear Tyres. I think they would suit Discovery or Freelander, not sure about Range Rover? Wheels E8J x 19 EH2- 5 in...
  12. dynamicq

    245 40 17 part worn/new tyres - a pair

    Well the title has it all. Can collect around cambridgeshire oxfordshire north east west london etc.
  13. jnfgambler247

    4 Continental ContiSport Contact 3 Tyres 255 45 17 MO + HOMAN Wheels

    Hi I am selling this set of wheels and MO tyres on ebay. Tyres are in fine shape with 6-7mm tread, there's plenty of details and pictures on the ebay selling page, wheels are in VGC although at soem point have been refurbed and some lacquer is peeling, need to look hard to spot enter this number...
  14. GLK

    FOR SALE: Continental ContiSportContact tyres

    I am replacing all four tyres tomorrow and will have two almost new Continental ContiSportContact tyres, one 2 and the other one - 5. The new tyres are slightly wider, so can't keep these. They are both 215/40 R18 ContiSportContact2 is MO ContiSportContact5 was fitted by main dealer...
  15. M

    Tyres for 2013 C63 AMG (18 inch)

    Hi All, My Conti Sport (OEM fitted) need replacing and wondering what advice people have on the best tyres for a W204 C63. Contis were ok but would like a bit more grip. Most people say the Michelin Pilot Super Sport is the way to go, but I can't find them for 18" wheels, looks like you...
  16. L

    A45 tyres

    What tyres does the A45 come with,does anybody know?
  17. B

    Genuine Mercedes 17 inch Mekab alloys and Good Year tyres to suit W124

    I've got a set of four genuine Mercedes Mekab 17 inch alloy wheels to sell. These have Good Year Eagle F1 Asymetric 2 tyres in a size to suit a W124. Hardly any miles on them as I sold the car a couple of months later. Pointed star centre caps are included. They have previously been spray...
  18. 9

    Best tyres 225 35 18 for e class convertible

    255 35 18 tyres which ones Also my front tyres are different think they are 235 40 18? This sound right
  19. tanuie


    Anyone had any dealings with Avon ZZ5 tyres, what they are like in general.
  20. tanuie


    Any one had any excelon tyres, i realise that they are budget tyres, just wondered what they are like.
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