1. P

    Budget tyres

    Hi, new to the site having just bought a C class coupe 1.6 petrol in AMG spec. Previously had a Range Rover Sport TDV8 so it's quite a change brought on by early retirement. Have to say I'm really pleased with the Merc so far despite to significant reduction in horsepower! My car has budget...
  2. F

    CLS63 W208 roasting tyres

    I think I need a LSD in my CLS63, I'm new to cars with over 300bhp and the squirming and sidewinding is something I've not had much of before, at a standing start, if I go more than 1/4 throttle (eased on, not slammed), I get the rear tyres lighting up, and from a rolling start of around 20-30...
  3. Stevie1982

    2014 c63 needs new tyres

    Sure it's been done to death just the search option on my LG doesn't work. Need to replace all 4 and it currently has the 19" wheel upgrade. They have fitted what comes from the factory which is the Continental sports 5's I think, are these the best or have you got any other recommendations...
  4. C

    Advice please - best tyres for c350 coupe

    I would really appreciate any guidance on what tyres have been shown to be really good on a c350 (currently Pirelli P Zero)
  5. R

    Genuine Mercedes 17” S204 AMG alloys and good tyres

    Unfortunately my father’s car (cherished ’63 plate S204 Saloon c250d Sport) was written off in last December’s Lakeland floods, with only 8,200 miles on the clock, it was wearing its winter wheels/tyres, one of which was wrecked in the flood. I’ve been asked to sell his staggered summers for...
  6. dddooommm

    AMG Mercedes Genuine monoblocks 18" 9.5j alloy wheels tyres

    ★★★Genuine Mercedes AMG Monoblock Alloy Wheels★★★ ---------★ Staggered Set of 4 ★ Two new tyres ★ ---------- For Sale Set of 4, Genuine Mercedes AMG Monoblock 9.5j alloy wheels. Staggered set of rare original alloys in good condition. Pictures: Mercedes Monoblock 18 Genuine AMG...
  7. S

    Can I put larger tyres on a 2012 C Class

    Hi I have a c class Mercedes which has low profiles . I have had 6 punctures in 3 months as the lanes where I live are so potholed I have 225/40/18 on the front 225/35/18 on the back Can I put larger tyres on without affecting the ABS etc. Can anyone suggest what tyre sizes I can put on or...
  8. P

    Tyres W211 Sport 2007

    Hey, could someone tell me.... I have a W211 sport with 265-35-R18 on the front and 245-40-R18 on the rear now I'm not sure why the front has 40's and the rear has 35's?? I suppose it something to do with the weight of the engine??..well I'm guessing! would it make any odds to put 40's on the...
  9. Bigdrew


    Hi can anyone recommend some good tyres at the moment I have 285/35/22 but I want to keep the same size the ones that are on are a cheap Budget tyre that where on the car when i bought it two weeks ago they were A brand new set
  10. Benzowner

    LHD/RHD Tyres

    Came across this on a Caravan forum, just never heard of it myself, however Bridgestone E070 RHD/LHD Tyres Online | National Tyres Online Bridgestone seem to make them.
  11. DSB SL AMG

    Dyno Tyres Please...

    Yikes:eek: a12vOgambSI
  12. c55

    2 x Bridgestone Potenza CLS Tyres 265 35 18

    2 x Bridgestone Potenza Tyres 265 35 18 97 Y No Repairs, Tread Depth 5.7 to 6.3 mm Just removed from a set of CLS alloys and now surplus to requirements Cash on collection Collection from W London or Bucks £140.00
  13. Abb

    21" amg ml alloy & tyres

    I am offering my recently refurbed genuine MB alloy wheels to fit a W166 ML. Believe it will fit other models but please do your checks, or ask away and I will help where I can. Due to them being diamond cut, they were suffering from laquer peel and slight corrosion, so I had them powder...
  14. G


    Afternoon All I have just a small question if OK? I managed to have an "off-road" excursion three Weeks ago and hit a curb. A teenager decided to cross the road in front of me and either slipped off his pedals or missed a gear. I tried to avoid hit and clipped the curb "killing" not...
  15. J

    Which tyres for an ML please.

    As above, for a W163 270cdi. All suggestions greatly appreciated.
  16. mickl

    CLK W209 18in Tyres

    hi folks I'm looking at some AMG 18in alloys for a W209 that I've just bought (same as ones in pic below). Style IIIs I think?? I know the rims fit the W209 but cannot remember what the tyres sizes should be. I'm thinking they should be: Front-225 / 40 R18 92 Y Rear- 255 / 35 R18 94 Y...
  17. A

    Slash Tyres

    Oh well, just come back to my car to find all 4 tyres slashed :( I only replaced all 4 tyres 10 days ago as well...not even 100 miles on the set...grrr!
  18. S

    Which tyres for my c200 k

    I drive alot on the motorway all year round. Roughly 120miles a day. I need rear tires. Current ones are michelen energy saver. I get roughly 320 urban miles on full tank during winter and 400 during summer. Between 35-40miles per gallon give or take. I want to get all rounder for weather...
  19. steve333

    Slk winter tyres

    Hi all,mrs sold her slk so I have a set of winter tyres for sale that have only done 6,000 miles(minimum3.5 mm on all 4),vredestein 205/55/r16 fronts and 225/50/r16 rears,buyer collects,£50(bargain),pm me if interested or feel free to ask any questions on here,thanks,Steve.
  20. C

    Recommended Tyres

    Anyone have any recommendations of tires they have confidence in and what car? Inside 2 front tires are wore on E63, I did read somewhere they have issues with wheel alignment? Mark
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