1. P

    UPS delivery question

    Ordered a jacket from Italy, but on delivery I'm out and parcel has been left with neighbor. Knock on door and neighbor now denies all knowledge of receiving any delivery. What now? Need this on a Saturday morning.
  2. F

    Hold ups on A16 France.

    Was told of long delays on A16 before entering Belgium, today. Roadworks on A16 but police redirecting traffic off A16 for vehicle/passport checks. I'm off tomorrow to Germany, so will use the coast road via Bray Dunes to Adinkerke & hopefully avoid the jams.
  3. Mr Fixit

    UPS Stall 3000 TC upgrade for C55

    Some advise please. I want to change the TC on my C55 and have been looking round, the UPS stall 3000 gets good press. What is the implications of changing, has anybody done it, are there alternatives and whats it like to drive when the TC is changed. I've always thought that Mercedes...
  4. tonyc280

    Meet Ups

    does this club have any meet ups during the year ? cheers tony.
  5. The _Don

    Mercedes-Benz ups ante with 2014 C63 AMG Edition 507

    Mercedes-Benz ups ante with 2014 C63 AMG Edition 507
  6. edgejedi

    Paint touch ups? Finishing/laquer?

    I have some minor areas of the car that need paint touch ups due to discolouration/marks....Ive used the MB standard silver paint but of course once on its always gonna look flat, so just wondered what the best finishing would be - some kind of lacquer?? Sorry for appearing dumb, just want to...
  7. dog68

    Touch ups :)

    Having not long owned my car, i want it as smart as i can, so today a bought a can of obsidian black from halfords, (as well as all the other stuff) had a small scuff area on rear bumper, and i must say that the match was spot on.
  8. X


    Can anyone recommend a reasonable UPS for home use. I am suffering from short power spikes / outages sufficient to close down my computer. I used to use a Belkin when I suffered from this 5-6 years ago but the batteries have now gone and I have not bothered to replace it as I have not been...
  9. R

    Short write ups on CLS & CLK 63 AMG's

    Surprisingly not much diffrence in power!
  10. S

    Touch ups

    I have a small scrape about the size of a 5p on the boot of my car; the metal below is starting to show signs of a little rust. Does anyone have any advice/experience of the guys that come out and do these types of touch up? thx SAsha
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