1. E

    Variation in tyre width - Vredestein - Vredestein

    Had some new Vredestein Vorti fitted recently. Replaced Vredestein Sessanta. Both 265/35/18 Surprised at the difference in width - although these were unmounted. Didn't get a shot of them mounted side by side I guess when they are both fitted they are of a more similar width?!
  2. verytalldave

    HUGE Variation of quotes

    My 24 year old son has just got himself a very nice new (to him) car. Therefore he went on some of the comparison websites to get insurance quotes. I could not believe the variation in quotes for exactly the same data. Lowest was about £960 :thumb: Highest was just over £8100 :eek: How on...
  3. D

    w211 e320 cdi voltage variation

    Hello guys I have a 2003 e320 cdi estate, I have recently started getting lots of error messages coming up, srs, rear brake light bulb, faulty dash lights etc, beeping from the front front parking sensors even when driving along at speed. I realised that these messages were the symptom of...
  4. Pottsy

    E220 CDI (W212) MPG variation with temperature

    I have now done 40,000 miles in my W212 E220 Auto. One thing I have noticed is that is has a huge variation in MPG according to outside air temperature. All my journeys are long, so this is not to do with the extended warm up time - the journey MPG settles down after about 50 miles and the...
  5. A

    BAS/ASR Fault, variation on the theme?

    Evening all, Got the BAS/ASR fault on my W202 C240 Sport Auto, and it's getting more and more regular. Have read the multitude of threads regarding the brake switch (which will be getting done this weekend), is it normal for the car to go into limp mode when the light comes on? Gets annoying...
  6. pammy

    A variation on a theme

    here :D :D
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