1. KillerHERTZ

    V-Class AMG Line - Press Release

    The V-Class AMG Line Individual, emotional and sporty Additional comfort features for the V-Class – largest panoramic roof in the mid-size van segment, large centre console with integral cooler compartment and LED-illuminated thermo-cupholders, iPad holders in the rear The V-Class as a success...
  2. KillerHERTZ

    Brabus Tuning Program for V-Class

    Brabus Tuning Program for V-Class Brabus has introduced their new tuning program for the Mercedes V-Class. Starting with the exterior, the van can be equipped with an aerodynamic body kit that adds a front spoiler, air intake surrounds and optional auxiliary LED lights. Moving further back...
  3. B

    V-class V220, fault code 1622 - switch over valve?

    Hi, does anyone know what the electronic switch over valve is and does? I recently had a new engine put into my v220, w638 diesel auto. The replacement engine is from a 2002 model and my bus is a 2000. The engine looked slightly different but I was assured that the block is the same and it...
  4. M

    Mercedes V-Class by Brabus

    from the article: Brabus has released details about its program for the Mercedes-Benz V-Class, which includes sharper looks, engine tuning and more entertainment features. Scheduled to debut at the Geneva Motor Show, the Brabus package for the big minivan has as main feature an aerodynamic...
  5. dog68

    Free V-class front seats

    As above, drivers seat, and passenger(front)seat, (not leather) in good condition, free for members on here, must collect from spaldwick, nr huntingdon cambs. Will upload pictures later.
  6. KillerHERTZ

    V-Class Press Release

    V-Class Press Release New full-size MPV from Mercedes-Benz sets benchmarks in the segment for design, comfort, and safety V-Class meets customer requirements of families, people with active hobbies, and shuttle bus operators Market launch to take place in Germany in late May 2014 Daimler...
  7. Danny DeVito

    V-Class C.V. Joint

    I wonder if anyone knows if a cv joint from a vito 108 will fit my v-class automatic. People here seem to be having a problem like no listings for v-class. Thanks
  8. D

    Sliding rear door -V-class

    I posted a thread about this some months ago, but did not see any response to it. The problem I had was that the door would not latch closed, which was inconvenient, to say the least. It was an intermittant fault, and I lived with by not opening that door at all. This week I decided I had to...
  9. D

    Hole in roof of V-class

    I have a V220cdi (first registered in 2001) On a recent journey on the motorway I noticed a whistling sound from the the area of the nearside dashboard (apparently) I was puzzled by this, but shortly after, water started to pour in from the top left-hand corner of the windscreen. I had a look...
  10. A

    central locking problems vclass

    Hi just got my self a v class year 2000 and the central locking not working at all. Where do i start? or do you no of any problems? thanks
  11. V

    V-class 220CDI 1999

    I have recently replaced cylinderhead on V-Class 220 CDI, model 1999 (due to dreaded stuck injector syndrome), which I did myself. Engine starts easily, v-belt a bit noisy until engine's wearmed up. I find the engine is in limp mode until normal operating temp (±80°C) is reached then limp mode...
  12. Danny DeVito

    V-Class, Vito, Rear seats please

    Hi i am looking for a rear seat for my 2000 V220 CDI The grey ones hopefully or leather would do. The floor anchors are round. I live in kildare ireland so probably best sourced from ireland. Thanks anyone bye
  13. Danny DeVito

    V220 V-class

    Anybody know where i might find a rear seat for a v220 ?? Grey year 2000 with round anchor holes ???
  14. alanuk400

    V-Class central Locking

    Today I closed the drivers door with the engine running & the central locking activated, locking all the doors (lucky someone was still in the vehicle). Now when I open the door it locks & unlocks, I have taken the door panel off but can't see anything wrong. I have taken the fuse out so it...
  15. alanuk400

    V-Class sills & Microns

    I am just back from Mercedes to submit a claim for rust on the bottom of the doors & the sills. They claim that the bottom of the sills have been painted because the Micron readings are 260-280, they say it should be 80-110 which is what the tops of the sill & doorpost are reading. The bottoms...
  16. C

    V-class compressor failure - Pneumatic suspension

    As the title suggests, mine's failed [again :crazy: ] Does anyone know if/where they can be rebuilt? Or a breakers with half a chance of getting one? [Nothing on Partbreaker] Or somewhere I can buy a new unit for less than a Grand? Thanks in advance. [Sorry - my searches didn't work well but...
  17. C

    V-class Mpv

    Any advice on v-class mpv thinking of purchasing 220 cdi model year 2000. Any problems to look out for.
  18. A

    V-class battery

    Hi, Pls can some one tell me how you change the battery on a V-class? Does the passenger seat need to come out? thanks Amo V220 yr2000
  19. A

    V-class light weight seats

    Hi, I heard that around yr2000/1 the seats on a V-class were lightend. I have a 2000 X, how can I tell if they are the light weight version. Tx Amolak
  20. A

    Mercedes V-Class 6 to 7 seats

    Hi, Can you buy the additional centre seat to make the 6 seater into a 7?, or were the seven seaters specially designed for this with additional floor holes? thanks Amolak
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