1. J

    Far from luxury-class sun visor plastic

    Seems to me the plastic used for sun visor is of real low-rent quality. It is hard and feels rubbish. Not what I'd expected from the C63, but guess this is the lower-end model range (albeit the higher-end car in that range). WDYT - cheap tough plastic? Any neat alternatives available for the...
  2. stevenchu

    Sun visor

    Hi new to the forum, just took the plunge and bought me self a 1984 280 sl 1 owner car from a little old lady, cut a long story short , it a rust bucket .so the long road to getting this baby to pristine condition start. Has any1 try to get a replacement sun visor for those thing ,like rocking...
  3. T

    Sun Visor 'make up' light W205

    Hi all Before I potentially make a fool of myself can someone with a W205 C Class confirm that a fault I think I have is actually a fault? The passenger side light behind the visor only comes on when the mirror cover is opened which seems normal to me. The drivers side comes on as soon you...
  4. ss201

    W124 illuminated visor loom - hope you're sitting down

    Pal of mine wanted to retro-fit illuminated sun visors in his W124......changed his mind when he priced up the tiny wiring loom at the dealership. £170 to you sir!
  5. P

    W211 sun visor mirror cover

    For passenger side The grey plastic cover that covers the mirror in the sun visor Thanks
  6. Mike Walker

    W124 300 TE Interior - sun visor clips x2

    As above in grey required please. These are the plastic clips that the visor is restrained by and not those where it is hinged. WHY :dk:
  7. Naffdave

    Socket in centre console+sun visor lights

    Had a CLS 320CDi for a week now and finding faults. The electric socket in the centre console does not work and the lights in the roof for the mirrors in the sun visor also don't work im thinking they might be connected. Ive tried looking for a fuse but cant find any blown or what fuse might...
  8. The Boss

    w124 drivers sun visor help

    hey guys see 2 pics here of the drivers side sun visor from my w124 cabrio QUESTION: Can the extending rod arm be taken off the main visor or is it locked in within.. it slides back and forth, but will not come out.. Please advise. cheers
  9. Windy124

    W124 Sun Visor Mounts - Mushroom / beige

    Has anyone got a pair of these by chance? Would prefer the ones with the electric contacts if poss :) Thanks!
  10. M

    W124 1995 Illuminated sun visor clips/wiring

    Hi, Now looking for the wiring and clips for the illuminated sun visors - have already found the visors themselves! Regards Amer
  11. Taipan

    A209 no sun visor vanity light?

    Hi All The previous owner told me the sunvisor light(s?) don't work but flicker occasionally. Didn't think it would bother me but it does as my daughter said, "Mums car has lights on her sunvisors". I cant have a Merc outclassed by a Mini! ;) So I went through the full diagnostics of...
  12. TrickyTrev

    Wanted w211 passenger side sun visor vanity mirror cover

    Long title but you you get the gist. Broken the little plastic vanity mirror flap / cover In grey, so anyone who might have one please get in touch. Cheers Trev
  13. A

    W124 convertible Sun Visor

    Hey All, Any ideas on what could be going on here??? I have a issue with my DRIVERS side illuminated sun visor. It just doesn't light up:wallbash:. Its a W124 e220 convertible. So this is what I have done so far. 1) Changed the bulbs and I did this twice with new ones from MB dealer. 2) I...
  14. ShaunB

    W209 CLK55 visor mirror

    Folks I somehow have managed to break the glass in the drivers visor. Anyone know where I might find a replacement as a decent price? Is it possible to just replace the glass? It looks possible by prising out the surround. Cheers
  15. BaldGuy

    Sun Visor sticker

    I've had to remove the sticker that Merc stick to the passenger sun visor as it was cracked and manky... its now left a very sticky residue which at the moment ive stuck business cards to to stop it sticking to the lining.... What can i use to get this off thats friendly, its all over the...
  16. E

    Sun visor mirror flap broke!

    The wife has managed to snap the flap off the sun visor, can you buy the flap separately or the whole visor?
  17. whitenemesis

    Remote Deployment of Sun Visor

    Burbling along this afternoon in the glorious sunshine, it struck me that with all the buttons that and auto this, one still has to reach up and pull down the sun visor! Why never any button operated visor? Did any car ever have an auto sun visor? Couldn't be that difficult to map a steering...
  18. I

    Sun Visor vanity mirror plastic gone brittle

    The whole sun visor vanity mirror mechanism has gone brittle and is falling apart on my '05 CL500. Is this a common problem and any suggestions on where to source something like this? My interior is cream. I
  19. Dave Richardson

    C Class illuminated sun visor mirror

    Hi Could someone help please? Looking for a new sun visor with illuminated mirror for mrs dave, could someone advise which model c class would have this as a standard fitment. I keep looking on e bay without any luck MB part number may be ?? Anyone????? regards David
  20. G

    W210 passenger side visor

    Hi chaps, Anyone happen to have or know of a source for a passenger side grey leather sun visor for a 01 W210 estate please? Current unit is missing the mirror and thus the light wont work on it!! I did ty putting the mirro cover from the drivers side unit onto it but then found a) it didnt...
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