1. Red C220

    Which VOIP provider?

    Following on from my Installing a second phone line thread, it's apparent I need a VOIP provider. Up until yesterday I had no idea what voip was - so I now need to pick a company to provide me with calls. I need two phone lines and a fax line. UK calls only, no international calls at all...
  2. M

    VOIP vs ISDN30

    I am soon looking to replace my end of lease BT BCM 400 phone system at the office and am looking at going the VOIP route. Why? ISDN 30 is considerably more expensive than a 10 channel SIP trunk and provided VOIP for business ( on a dedicated business broadband connection to probably VOIP...
  3. WLeg

    Panasonic KTD 612

    Does anyone know anything about this (or similer) systems ? We have a large house, that is cabled for a phone system. I am after a small office type system, where I can call each cabled room (extention) as necessary, but also connect to a normal home phone line, for external calls. Are...
  4. flango

    BT Fusion VOIP

    Hi All at work this morning at the motorsport outfit I do some work for and they have a problem. BT are discontinuing the use of their fusion product, which is basically a gsm phone that switches to VOIP when it is near its home router and broadband connection. Now BT are offering a rebranded...
  5. WLeg

    VoIP / SIP

    Has anyone got any experiance of getting these services working with a Nokia E65 ? looking for a cheap provider, to use in the office (well, within range of a wireless network) for a couple of handsets. just found http://www.expansys.com/ft.aspx?i=126969&thread=171&page=1 Which also...
  6. M

    Skype - VOIP - Engin and other internet phones

    I would like some opinions on VOIP broadband systems. I have been looking at new and to-be-released products for internet phone calls. I notice that the two competing products are 1) Skype phones - some are USB to your PC and others are emerging as stand alone WiFI phones with no PC...
  7. Tan


    Hi I am looking for a qualified VOIP trainer, to run a 4 week course on customers site in Libya. Please either reply here or pm me. Regards Tan
  8. blicky_1

    VOIP Cheap!

    Just started using this and maybe worth you guys having a look, works fine for me www.voipcheap.com
  9. Glenleven


    Been on the money saving expert website and discovered VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) : http://www.voipcheap.co.uk/en/index.html it enables you to make free phone calls via the internet. It really does work, all you need is a headset with a microphone. The download only takes seconds with...
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