1. coalville126

    Storing winter wheels on garage wall

    As per the title, I 'd like to store my spare set of wheels off the floor to free up some space & was wondering what do you guys use to hang your spare set of wheels.
  2. Tan

    Party wall agreement

    Hi With the wealth of knowledge that the forum has, I hope that someone will be able to help with my question. We are building a single storey rear extension and I am getting conflicting advice regards if we need a PWA agreement. A couple of party wall agreement firms say we do (but its...
  3. mattk1

    Need help please - tyre wall rating?

    Other than ringing a main dealer how do I find out the original tyre wall load rating for my car? I have had a quick search online, read all the old brochures I have, looked at all the service books etc etc If any one can help I am after the rating for a 19" tyre, 275/35/19 to be exact, for my...
  4. D

    Audi 20, iPod, banging my head against a wall.

    Afternoon all, I've got a bit of an issue with playing my iPod in my car and can't get to the bottom of it. The car in question is a 2012 c class. It has audio 20 with a multidisc changer and I've got the Becker Sat nav unit in the glove box. When I bought the car, the dealer said it was...
  5. H

    New cowl W123 with fire wall

    Hello, for sale is a new genuine cowl with fire wall for Mercedes W123. The part number is A123 620 3205. The cowl was an exhibit by the Laepple AG in Heilbronn/Germany. Laepple was the producer for the most body parts of Mercedes-Benz ´til the nineties. Current the cowl is in Germany. I´m...
  6. ioweddie

    Don't wee up the wall in India

    Pissing tanker - YouTube
  7. Darrell

    Back to the wall wc.

    I have fit one of the above. A back to the wall, close coupled suite up against a solid wall. All the pipework is concealed. The soil is easy enough and I have a couple of thoughts re the feed but Has anybody fitted one.
  8. MancMike

    Why does this black series hit a speed wall (not the limiter)?

    Hi, Just saw this YT video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l900pOvnCuo The car accelerates strongly up to 307km/h (190mph) then stops. It's not ran out of revs, and looking at how it climbs in speed, it's not ran out of power either. Why does it stop accelerating so abruptly at...
  9. Druk

    Wolf of Wall Street. Review.

    Saw this last night. Reasonable film and strong performance by DiCaprio but if you're thinking of taking the wife be warned there is a lot of full-frontal nudity and suedo-explicit sex. Borderline decency as well such as public peeing in wastebin, public masturbation, lots of public suedo BJ's...
  10. C

    removing a supporting wall

    After some advice please guys? I would like to remove a supporting wall (between lounge/dinning room). I am happy to do the work myself but would like advice regarding building regs/rsj calculations etc, is there a online service or does a structual enginner need to visit? Thank you...
  11. Marku

    White wall tyres

    For 205 70 14 which I would really like for the 450SE. I have been looking for some for a while now. Not the broad sidewall but the narrow strip. Nearly bought some used but after a discussion elsewhere was warned off. Seen a few around on cars but can't find any for sale.
  12. Whitey

    Tiling bad wall help

    Once again, I'd appreciate the forums help :) We have knocked a toilet and bathroom into one and I have the task of tiling. My problem this particular wall : Plan A I'll flatten the high spots, sand and cement all the holes and gap where door frame was. Prime then tile away...
  13. The _Don

    Roll bar and carbon rear wall available for C63 AMG Coupe Black Series

    The AMG Performance Studio now offers a roll bar and a carbon rear wall for the C63 AMG Coupé Black Series. For drivers who appreciate motorsports this is absolutely worth considering - a customization which is installed within 5 days in Affalterbach. For 7,021 euros, it is now possible to have...
  14. ioweddie

    Anyone know how to stop condensation on new back to wall cistern

    Hi all, I've just completely redone our bathroom, and have a problem with condensation on the plastic slimline integral cistern, this is housed inside an mdf cabinet, as its flushed quite frequently as 4 adults in the bungalow. I have replaced a standard ceramic cistern which also had...
  15. Tan

    TV Wall mount recommendations

    Hi I want to mount my new Panasonic 47" LED TV above the fireplace, as it will be quite high I assume that I will have to buy a mount that can tilt. Can anyone recommend a mount that will get the TV as close to the wall as possible and is reasonable value for money. In the past I have...
  16. BTB 500

    Thick wall steel tubing, 4mm ID? Or a better idea?

    I need to join two 86 cm lengths of 4 mm diameter carbon fibre rod end-to-end to make a hoop of 55 cm diameter. Carbon fibre rod is pretty tough stuff and my attempts so far (with the materials I had to hand) haven't been too successful! I first tried brass tube - this simply snapped with a...
  17. Darrell

    Removing a load bearing wall

    Coming back to the UK in November to do a large extension for my brother. It's a double height side extension and I have to remove the outside kitchen wall, the problem is that it's load bearing. From my days in the building game we used strongboys for a solid outside wall and needles for a...
  18. jay1983

    Ml270 manifold removal. Hit a brick wall!!!!

    hi guys need some help. Started to remove manifold but I have got a problem. I have removed most of the screws but I'm having trouble with the 1s at the back (bulkhead side) its only 2 and it's the 1 above and below that are the issue. I can't seem to get a socket on them. Anyone got any tips?
  19. ringway

    If you could be a fly on the wall.

    If you had the opportunity to be a fly on the wall, where would you choose to be? For me, one of the places I'd like access to would be the warranty claims department at Mercedes-Benz. That would be interesting.
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