1. markjay

    Waterless wash...

    Watch: how to clean an Emirates Airbus A380 without water | The National
  2. David404

    Quick wash.

    Quick wash a brush up today. Needs full detail and TBH could do with some paint correction but not too shabby. Colinite holding up well from last Sept.
  3. A

    Wash and wax V sunny

    So I was itching to wash my car today, but it was sat smack in the Sun. So did panel by panel with my mitt and drying rag. Used a different car shampoo from my normal Megquars gold wash. And went for this 2 quid cheaper wash and wax. And it a thumbs up from me:thumb: Dried off without any...
  4. B

    Touchless wash,iS It PoSs..?

    Spending money having cars paint corrected and a 5 year ceramic sealant,DO not want to harm any part of it on its return.bar not driving it to keep it 100% clean and is there a way of touchless washing it? I practice the usual 2 bucket etc grit gard and blotching it dry.. Want to know if...
  5. F

    Wipers only working on wash wipe

    Hi The wipers have stopped working on my w211. If i press stalk in to activate wash wipe they work fine. I have checked fuse 56 which is good. Any ideas Thanks
  6. M.A.94

    Best wash mitt??

    With all the salt and dirt which the winter roads introduce to my dark coloured car, I'm looking into the best wash mitt which would pull dirt off the car without scratching the surface. The washing procedure I currently imply is thoroughly rinse the dirt off the car, most times with a jet...
  7. A

    Gave the wife's car a wash and Polish

    First time I've cleaned the wife's car, she's had it 6 weeks now :eek: Before And after Gave all the plastic trim a going over with a cheap bottle of car plan back to black And finally cleaned the multiple spoked wheels took me any hour do all four :devil...
  8. merc85

    Brutus got a wash

    Gave the e55 a good wash, Snow foam then a Ag Body shampoo and dry. No polish or wax that will be tomorrow's treat when it's 100% dry.
  9. V

    Car wash car theft.

    Reposted from another forum I frequent..... A chap at work took his jag to a car park with a wash service in Kettering. He left the car with them and returned 2 hours later. All was well with the car and it was nice and clean. That night he had a call from his tracker company saying the car...
  10. Taipan

    2005 CLK200k A209 Failed wash wipe?

    Hi All, Over the last few months i've noticed that the wash wipe function on my car has been playing up and working intermittently and has now pretty much stopped working altogether. The twist part works fine for the wipers and the indicators and headlamp flash are also all fine. Its just...
  11. T

    Recommended car wash companies?

    Hi All Was just wondering whether anyone knows any decent car wash companies somewhat near Luton or national chains, I know the result will not be as good as washing at home but I'm hoping there will be some reputable companies out there that do a ok job without any damage. Many thanks
  12. A

    Contactless car wash

    My local Esso has a contactless car wash. OMG! NO more swirls marks
  13. markjay

    Car Wash Damage :(

    Car wash today:
  14. E

    Meguiars Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere

    Meguiars Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere Perfect for urban dwellers of those with limited access to water. Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere safely lifts away dirt and grime while leaving behind a protective layer of hydrophobic wax. Shop Now: Meguiars Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere In as...
  15. Alex225

    The Dad Tank's First Wash

    Well, I picked the car up on Tuesday and have given the interior a thorough going over but was only right the outside got a clean up too. It was actually pretty clean but given a pre-rinse using Valet Pro Citrus Pre-Wash, followed by a two bucket wash with Dodo Juice Born to be Mild. I only...
  16. L

    how to wash a microfibre towel

    Sorry if it sounds stupid but should you wash them on a hot wash with a non bio and no fabric softener or a warm-cool wash?cheers.
  17. L

    Quick wash detailer Surrey

    Hey guys Does anyone know of a detailer that offers just a wash for cars using the proper method of 2 buckets etc. Mostly for when I don't have time to do it myself or need a last minute clean? Thanks
  18. adrianlobont

    Touchless car wash in SE London ?

    Hi guys, Any touchless car wash in SE London ? Something like this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd2jXH04v64
  19. uumode

    Mechanical vs jet vs hand wash

    Mechanical the least damaging in test http://youtu.be/UHFwkFTKtMw
  20. Sazzyb

    Wash & Polish

    After spending my Saturday cleaning the beast it starts pouring :(
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