1. mannikon

    Wasting the time of an Indy

    So we love our cars and appreciate good independent Merc specialists, Indies. I won't say who, don't want to embarrass anyone, but I'm shocked to learn how Indies suffer from "customers" who book time and parts and then just don't show up. Hurts the Indy and hurts regular customers. Just...
  2. bennesspipers

    Thankyou Gov't for wasting my day ! (A Cat story)

    Dropped my 202 in for its MOT test this morning, 1 hour later got a 'Its failed on emmissions, prob Cat) phone call. Took the car to a professional exhaust workshop thinking i'd need a new Cat, they said "we hear this a lot, do yourself a favour & go thrash it down the road & when hot take it...
  3. Palfrem

    Should the boss of HA be sacked for wasting £1 billion?

    BBC News - M25 scheme 'may have wasted £1bn' That's a huge amount of money and waste by any measure.
  4. A

    Local Council wasting my money

    Today at 9 30 it was 6 celsius and i passed my first gritter of the year. A complete waste of money i think. Ive just checked and it is now +9 outside and a beautiful sunny day.Every year without fail there is a cockup here with the gritting teams getting it wrong. Last winter they got caught...
  5. Steve_Perry

    More great time wasting web games.

    http://www.fetchfido.co.uk/games/squares-2/squares-2.htm :D I got 6083 on my first go, I dunno if that's good or bad but it was sure fun :cool: S.
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