1. grumpyoldgit

    For those times when winter tyres just aren't good enough.

    All you need is a 4x4 and a good covering of snow. Track N Go part 2 - YouTube
  2. M

    Winter driving. Any useful tips?

    My first merc and know the rear wheel drive on my 18" wheels will be a whole new experience in icy conditions. Any members have tips? Apart from not driving! What mode to drive in? Snow chains? Etc... How bad is it really??
  3. philiggy

    Squashed Winter tyres

    Hi all My winter tyres are normally laid flat in my shed, last week however I find someone has been in and stood 2 of them up, leaving the bottoms slightly squashed. I've laid them down again and they are almost back to normal Will they be ok or are they ruined? Phil
  4. W

    Wanted .. Something for winter quattro 4x4

    Hi all, Looking for quattro, subaru, range rover. Prefer something unusual/high spec ... Budget ideally sub £2k. Please email me at [email protected] or pm Thanks! Paul
  5. L


    anyone know where i can buy narrower steel rims so i can get some winter tyres for my old slk 320,this is my first mercedes winter,and i,m worried:eek:
  6. SRAKE

    Winter tyres on a 2013 E63 AMG

    Has anyone experience of running an AMG in the UK on winter tyres? I'm hoping to get a bit more grip in wet and cold conditions and have just put 4 Pirelli sottozero series 2 on the original 19 inch rims, wrongly or rightly I went for standard sizes... 285/30 rears. 255/35 fronts. Current temp...
  7. C

    Winter wheels and tyres for sale

    I'm selling my winter wheels (complete with tyres). They are 17" Mercedes Adharaz alloy wheels that I use on my W203. Here's the link for the ebay item...
  8. JohnEclass

    Wheels Cleaned and stored for winter

    Well thought i'd clean the Alloys and put them away for winter, took some elbow grease! I'm thinking refurb required before putting a new set of summer tyres on!...strange how one wheel has take the brunt of scrapes, must be me the missus wont drive the CLK :D One day I will be able to...
  9. C

    Fitter refused to fit C63 winter tyres??

    Went to get some 225 40 18 winter continentals fitted to front standard 18'' rims at local tyre merchants Tyres are extra load 225 40 18 conti winter contact 92v TL XL TS830p He said that they don't make them in this size with a higher load rating I said I know for sure that the size is...
  10. Halcyon Days

    Roof down in winter?

    Driving to the south coast of Dorset today and I saw an SL, and SLK and two CLKs all with their roof's up! It was sunny and 11c! come on people, your heater works and you have a coat, don't you?? :D i'm messing, your roof, your choice! :-) But how many people go topless at the merest hint of...
  11. J

    255/30 winter tyres

    I have a C63 AMG 507 Edition with 19 inch wheels which takes the 255/30 tyres on the rear (235/35 on the front). The winter tyres that I want do not come in the size 255/30, but I can get them in size 255/35. So I would have the 235/35 on the front, but the slightly higher 255/35 on the rear...
  12. W

    C63 AMG winter wheel/tyre package

    I need a bit of advice: Bought package from Internet. 8x18 alutec poison alloys, 5/112 ET45. Uniroyal, 225/40 18 tyres. Anyone see any probs with fitting these? Have standard size calipers, running 19 inch alloys. Regards
  13. edstrom76

    Another winter tyre thread

    Have you got yours on yet?
  14. B

    C220 AMG Sport Winter Wheels

    Hi All, Looking for some opinion's on whether my 2013 C220 Sport Plus can take a 16" alloy with ET43? Even getting mixed stories from two local Stealers. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  15. PhilDR

    C63 AMG Headers and Cats - Winter Project Special

    Hey guys, just to let the C63 guys know we have RHD Headers and Catless mids on special for Winter Projects etc... £1999 inc VAT These coupled with a Eurocharged Tune will net you 550bhp + and 700Nm We would prefer they are installed by one of our approved partners :Prestige Car...
  16. C

    225 40 18 winter tyres on standard 18'' rear rims OK?

    As per the title. Before DM and other trolls ask if I have Google ect..... I have done a search and the same question has been raised on here and on Pistonheads with no definitive answer. I have hopefully finally got a good deal on x2 225 40 18 winter continentals (on eBay) and wanted to...
  17. A

    Nankang Winter tyres? any good

    Not another winter tyres thread I hear you.... I've had Michelin on my last E class, and on my current ML have some Dunlop's ready to go on, However I'm thinking of getting some for my wife's car. Current no profile tyres and front wheel drive / auto, and the fact I have been so impressed...
  18. JohnEclass

    Winter Boots on

    Well after quote from MB at £1300 I went to Wheelbase and for £879 had a full set of 17" Matt black MSW 5 spokes fitted with Nokian WR D3 225/45/17 tyres they don't quite fill the arches like the 18" AMG's but I'm happy and hope they perform as well as the test results where they bettered...
  19. P

    CLS Winter Wheels

    Just spent and hour in a cold garage waxing my winter wheels with Bouncer's Looking Sweet. I sourced some genuine CLS 17" wheels for my Grand Edition to replace the 18" AMG alloys over winter. I was pleasantly surprised when the wheels arrived just how good the wheels were, freshly...
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