1. nickpb

    Wolfrace alloy wheels complete with winter tyres

    I have a set of 4 Wolfrace Oslo alloy wheels fitted with Kumho I'Zen KW27 winter tyres. I used them on my 2012 C220 BlueEfficiency Sport Estate (S204), which I no longer have. More specific details follow: Wheels are 7.5J x 17 H2 ET47 Wheels are in very good condition but there are some...
  2. G

    Winter run-around

    So I'm considering getting a little run-around for the winter months and putting the 507 in the garage except for sunny, non salty road days :) Considering a polo gti dsg. Anyone else out there do this? any recommendations? I don't want to spend a fortune obviously. Cheers!
  3. F

    Winter tyres & wheels

    Not wanting to wish summer away, but I'm looking to get winter tyres and wheels later in the year - E350 Estate. First time I got them (on another car), I put the winter tyres on my normal alloys. Soon realised my mistake of course, as I had to pay around £50 each spring/autumn to get them...
  4. A

    R172 SLK winter wheels

    My partner is looking for a set of winter wheels and tyres for her car. She has option 950 which means that 17" wheels are the smallest she can use. We can find wheel and tyre combinations that should clear the struts and don't poke past the bodywork but in the handbook there is a note stating...
  5. Psilonaught

    Correct 19" winter tyre size for 63 plate e63

    Bit confused by the manual on winter tyre fitment. It says the rears are either of the below. FA: 255/35 R19 96 RA: 285/30 R19 98 I thought the rear alloys were staggered so how can you fit rears that are identical to the front?! What sizes of 19 winters are people running on their...
  6. yorkshiregit

    Winter tyres

    Finally changed to a Benz, and intend buying a set of winter tyres, any recommendations for good suppliers for wheels & tyres please?
  7. S

    Winter Shed - Saab 9-3

    Ideal winter shed (even though it's nowhere near winter)! My 9-3 is up for sale having owned it almost exactly 2 years ago. Current mileage 153207. It is very reliable having spent a great deal of money on it in my ownership. Just MOT'd (no advisories) and serviced this May around 1 month...
  8. B

    Planning ahead - winter wheels / tyres?

    I got my C63 last weekend, and it's phenomenal! Really pleased with it. I moved to it from an Alfa 156 GTA which I'd owned for 10 years, and it's about the only choice I could find that had the practicality (both cars are estates) and sounded even better than that Alfa V6. Anyway, I've heard...
  9. Captain Smerc

    Winter tyre set

    My low mileage set of staggered Vredestein Wintrac Extreme S are up for grabs . The autumn is coming ...:eek: Look at this on eBay
  10. Paul-NI

    W204 Winter Wheels on a 2015 E Class Coupe?

    Hi I am just about to change my 2014 w204 C250 AMG for a 2015 E250 Coupe. The C250 has standard 17" alloys and I have a spare set of 17" AMG winter alloys and tyres. However, the E250 coupe has 18" alloys. Will the C250 alloys still be ok on the E250? I think there maybe a offset...
  11. Londonscottish

    What should I do with my winter tyres?

    Hi All, I've just noticed that my 212 is running a set of winter tyres - Michelin Alpins to be precise. Having read a bit about them they would appear to be be optimised for lower temperatures/wet conditions. And maybe not ideal for, for example, a schlep to the South of France in...
  12. S

    Winter wheels/tyres for CLS X218 Shooting Brake

    I've got 19" wheels with summer tyres on my Merc,. front are 245/35/19 rear 285/30/19. I am looking to pick up some 18" wheels with tyre for the winter, but am totally confused as to what width rim/offset etc will ft my car. Has anyone bought wheels for a CLS or alternatively can someone...
  13. Captain Smerc

    Winter tyre set

    Anyone want a set of Vredstein Wintrac Xtreme S ? 235/35 R 19 & 255/35 R 19 . Only used last winter . Excellent condition , approx 6.5mm tread , no punctures or side wall damage . I found these to be a superb winter tyre on my C63 . £ 350 , they are up on Ebay from today .
  14. L

    Winter Recovery Mission

    So as the winter is slowing becoming spring, i thought it was a good time to get the CLS into a respectable state again and i had a spare day to do so. Started with my usual wash method. This involved a good soak in Magifoam, pressure rinsed off after dwelling followed by a two bucket wash...
  15. D

    Winter wheel set for c class, nearly new! - £350ovno
  16. D

    Winter wheel set for c class - nearly new! £350ovno
  17. coalville126

    Storing winter wheels on garage wall

    As per the title, I 'd like to store my spare set of wheels off the floor to free up some space & was wondering what do you guys use to hang your spare set of wheels.
  18. A

    Winter tyres for W204 C180 1.6 cgi

    Hi, I am looking for some advise ideas. I have some 215/55 R16 winter tyres with 8mm from my old car. I can't find any Merc wheels for these thu. Any ideas if I can use them and where to get the wheels from? Thanks Alex
  19. mark44

    C63 winter tyres (204)

    Hi, Sorry the forum search is not working for me. Can someone please let me know the C63's OEM winter tyres (Make/model/size) - for 18's. I think they are Continentals? Weather is on the turn! Thanks
  20. ringway

    Lovely seat covers for comfort and warmth this winter.

    Lovely! :D If they sell a set of those, I'm a Dutchman's uncle. Winter Plush Car Seat Cover for Benz R300 GLK300 GLK350 B200 Vito Viano | eBay
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