1. B

    Best cleaning wipes for Artico leather?

    Could anyone recommend the best cleaning wipes for Artico leather? It seems that when my new car was prepped by the dealer, they have used something or other on the Artico dash, which has left some swirly marks. Are the leather cleaning wipes from various manufacturers best for using on...
  2. S

    Car wipes recommendation

    Had massive bird poo on the bonnet and looks like it was there for a while. Luckily, managed to remove it using baby wipes but anyone care to recommend decent car wet wipes?
  3. S

    hid's and wash wipes

    Thinking of getting hid's and front wash wipes for my '94 c280. Would i be correct in thinking that it was only the last of the facelift cars fitted with these? Are the lights plug and play or what all will i need? The wash wipes are only to satisfy myself in the looks department. :thumb:
  4. S

    Best all purpose wipes for engine bay

    Hey, Sorry about posting after my "armour all question" Rather than using spray and hosing down my engine. Im looking for safe and reliable wipes for my engine. It will take longer, but its worth the time. Please give me some advice, havent cleaned the engine bay for a long long long time, and...
  5. S

    armourall all purpose wipes

    Hey, I was wondering if it is safe to use these wipes on my engine? and the pipes around the engine bay etc. thanks
  6. D

    Leather Wipes

    ALDI have 25 leather wipes for 99p this week, bought some today.
  7. C240Sport97

    wet wipes aka baby wipes and leather

    I use these to wipe clean my leather seats. They work extremely well, and the leather feels 'treated', softer, and cleaner. Takes seconds. And very effective :D :D :bannana: :bannana: what's good enough for a baby's bottom is good enough for leather seats :bannana: :bannana:
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