1. 4

    w211 injectior misfire WTF!!!

    Hi all.My E270 cdi 2003 has some problems. First it has 2 cylinders misfire (2, 4).One injector has chuf chuf noise. What does these cause??
  2. 4

    w211 WTF water coolant???

    I have took off water from coolant and look it that pic. later I will send another photos because there are more like this .I will tell you how I took off this **** without removing any thing.
  3. 4

    w211 WTF has this car ???

    my e270 2003 has a battery drain .First it was alternator wich is fixed and replace battery with brand new FIAMM.Now after 3 month after the fix , let it for 3 days without using it and the battery has died.WTF is going on with thic car ?????
  4. grumpyoldgit

    Dashcam footage. WTF was the HGV driver doing?

    Police said the drivers of the other vehicles were left with serious injuries "some of which were deemed life-changing" as a result of XXXXXX not "paying attention to the road". XXXXXX was sentenced to 15 months in prison at Warwick Crown Court on Friday after pleading guilty to five counts...
  5. bpsorrel


    VW Nazi Eagle Sticker Decal Vinyl Euro Stance DUB VW Volkswagen Golf Lupo Polo | eBay Why would ANYONE want this??? Disgraceful IMO.
  6. D


    Ok lads, I recently contacted Mercedes in Hull about a C63 in Opal Red, price £32,998. I wanted to put my current car a 09 Vectra VXR with FSH in part Ex, with the rest being cash. I then received my quotation. C63 :32,998 Road Tax: 505 12 Month Extended Warranty: 2600 SupGuard:466 And 1500...
  7. Andrew W

    Wtf E55k

    Look at this on eBay: 2005 Mercedes-Benz E Class 5.4 E55 AMG 4dr
  8. merc85

    CLK wtf?? lol

    mercedes amg, black series ,modified,stanced | eBay
  9. M

    WTF has happened to this w126 sec? ? View topic - WFS Turkish Mercedes 560 SEC
  10. A

    WTF- Would you dare!

    I realise this may be bizarre and probably quite out there even for 'off topic' but..... We arrived in a hotel last night, all looked good then SWMBO goes in bathroom. Much hilarity later we were still wondering, why??? Clearly by the decor it seemed to be a good idea many years ago but...
  11. smoothrider

    W126 Brakes WTF brakes?

    HEY HEY Please - make suggestions for best quality pads and discs replacements ta! im looking for factory standard type scenario ... not platinum tipped with wifi radar... ta!!
  12. C

    WTF is a Bosch FUG-8B1 with FMS ?

    I have a new w246 B180 CDI Sports. Punching my Chassis number into MB UK reveals a couple of options that I am curious about. Firstly 2-way radio equip. Bosch FUG-8B1 with FMS 2-way radio?!? Is it a mistake? Also on the data sheet is: Radio premium w.Bose sound system USA...
  13. mymini007


    Who would do this and why? Only one in the world, can't imagine why? :crazy::fail:eek: Used MERCEDES CL500 AG EXCALIBUR PROTOTYPE - ONLY ON... for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 1679833)
  14. I

    Wtf? E270 E63

  15. Koolvin

    Saw this today -wtf !

    Why would anyone commit such a crime ?
  16. The Boss

    WTF - Range Rover Mongoral

    Range Rover p38 Sport conversion 4.6 lpg | eBay
  17. mercmad321

    Wtf??? Radio gone bonkers

    I have a W212 250 cdi with audio50/nav,today listening to radio with no problem until i filled up with fuel,on restarting the car the radio started emitting strange noises which sounded like the speakers were on the way out,also the DJ'S sounded muffled and distorted ,the nav, cd and aux/ipod...
  18. clk208

    W219 with NTG1- wtf is this in the armrest?

    Hi folks I have this in the armrest compartment of my CLS. I always assumed it was the phone prewire socket that I could connect an adapter from Mercedes or Viseeo to use the phone feature on the comand. Dealer didn't have a clue when I bought the car. So I've just bought a Viseeo mb4...
  19. Nik_Endeavour

    WTF your honour?!

    BBC News - Watchdog to investigate judge's 'burglary takes courage' remarks
  20. bpsorrel

    Wtf!! ??

    Russian driving just gets better... :D Nice Skyline though! Îðèãèíàëüíûé ñïîñîá ïåðåâîçà äîñîê |
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