1. noogieman

    Yay or Nay - Rear window spoiler on a C43 AMG

    I'm thinking of buying a rear window spolier for my C43 AMG. Anyone here fitted an upper deck rear window spoiler? Do you have any cool pics of this mod? # Was that an easy task fitting the window spoiler? # Can you still see the traffic in full behind you from RVM when window spoiler is...
  2. bob6600

    Yay or Nay?

    Minus the badges and black grille I like it Mercedes S65, S63 Black Series, S500L, amg | eBay
  3. M

    Hydrogen/Oxygen Engine Decarbonising - yay or nay?

    Good day everyone, Just thought I'd start a discussion on this relatively new (to me at least) method of engine cleaning. I'm referring to the use of chemicals that's made up of mainly oxygen and hydrogen from my understanding, which is then fed by a machine into the engine via the fuel...
  4. poormansporsche

    White wheels, yay or nay ?

  5. Owen009

    My new toy yay!

    After having a C63 Coupe, and what a car THAT is. I've taken the next step up and purchased an E63S. I nearly purchased the CLA A45. I was blown away by it's handling/power being it's only a 2L however, for me... I would have missed that V8 snarl. So the E was the next step. And what a step...
  6. didi w203

    yay my 30th post

    Just totally random. HELLO. LOL
  7. noogieman

    Fitting chrome rings - Yay or Nay?

    Would you fit chrome rings to your cluster which never came with this option on w202? I wonder if these rings will look any good on my C43? I found many sellers on Ebay, seems like these rings are all from the same factory? Is there any I should avoid? I know some of these had adhesive gunk on...
  8. f17rak

    Yay the snow is melting

    Yay the snow is melting so i can finally take her out for a drive.
  9. The Boss

    My smart car won a competiton - Yay

    hello all. my smart car won a competition for entrance to one of the 12 slots on the 2012 smart car calender - really happy. The A4-sized calendar costs just £5.00 (and includes free UK postage and packaging) and 100% of the profits will go to Macmillan Cancer Support. The calendar can be...
  10. jonnyboy

    Woohoo Not a C63 thread yay ! C43 thread lol

    Who was that on the m42 tonight at about nine/half nine? Dark blue C43 iirc either W**~~~ or S**SVK. Shocking memory but it looked a tall fella with, err, headlights reflecting off his head lol
  11. The Boss

    Just Ordered a Brand Spanking New Car to arrive 1 week before VAT Rise - Yay!

    So after weeks of shopping around for the best deal - talking to 30+ dealers, i have finally got a super super SUPER Deal on a brand new car and deposit put down... If any one wants to have a guess as to what i bought, please do.. All will be revealed on arrival in December - which is already...
  12. Tiff

    Yay, now a W 124 owner (as well as W201)

    Just picked up a W124 200E. A very special car to me... details to follow. :)
  13. A

    Yay - I bought my first Merc

    Hi all, Well I did it, bought my first Merc today (the one I was looking at if you read my other post). Been a Vauxhall man all my driving days (was more by accident to be honest), so promised I'd change this time. It's a S320 CDI (W220), I'm chuffed to bits, got jaw ache from the big grin...
  14. ringway

    YAY! My Two Seater Restoration Project!

    Earlier today at a Barn Sale just up the road I took the plunge and bought an old two seater restoration project. She has some rust in the usual places but nothing I can’t tackle myself. She is an open top and although Mrs Ringway thinks I paid over the odd’s for this classic I think it’ll...
  15. Bobby Dazzler

    Got a new CLK DTM today - YAY!! Broken it already - DOH!!

    I had to think hard before posting this, as it really is the cause of much embarrassment. I thought by sharing the story though at least it might get it off my chest!! :o I've managed to resist the temptation of posting for 86 days now, but today was the day. The day MBClub got it's second...
  16. S

    Big Yay for Surrey Rolling Road - check my dyno results

    Finally had a successful dyno run on the E55 at Surrey Rolling Road - cheers Charlie :) At the crank... and at the wheels... Have had the car on two other rolling roads with unsuccessful top end readings, as it was spinning the rear wheels in 4th at 2900 rpm :rolleyes: I'm...
  17. The Boss

    My SLK got through its MOT - yay

    after 110,000 miles and 11 years, the SLK got its new MOT yesterday with ut a glitch.. brilliant!!
  18. M

    Cubanite Silver - Yay or Nay?

    In my quest for a new vehicle, I've recently seen an ad for an E-Class in Cubanite Silver car. It's a welcome change to the usual Silver or Black, but what's the general consensus on this colour? I don't think it was a designo colour - can someone confirm this, please? Would it negatively...
  19. Meldrew2

    Yay !!!!! (we won a GOLD !!!)

    http://www.breakawayuk.com/page5.htm :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :bannana:
  20. Gucci

    Wonder Wheels - Yay or Nay?

    I have BLACK areas of dust/tar etc stuck solid to the inner of my alloys. Previous owner didn't show any love for them :mad: Fortunately, I'm giving the car some TLC, it's appearance improving all the time. Just got some dark grey leather Dye to help with the scuff areas too inside. My...
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