190e cosworth

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Rare find with miles that low, will probably sell for around that figure.
I don't see why not, my RS500 Cosworth with just 44k on it, sold recently for 63k (unfortunately not by me ).... a friend had an Audi Quattro Ur and it sold for 39k.....old classics.
Every thing is right about that car except it's an auto,not the 5 speed Getrag manual box.
some say the manual wasn't great in this compared to the E30 M3. I think there was a Top Gear episode which mentioned it too. I, personally, would want the Auto.
I wouldn't pay anything like that sort of money for an old car; I'd rather spend it on something much newer, much faster, and generally better in almost every way. My cars are for driving, not collecting or investing in.

Yes, I know, I have no soul...
I think the seller is chancing his arm and why not. It does look like a lovely car, rare too with that mileage. Downside is actually the mileage and being an auto, as the low miles are not worth the premium imo and the auto trans only decreases the desirability.

Still could be the ideal car for someone, just hope they haggle very hard. But I have to admit I'm not unhappy to see them increasing in value generally.
I know this car, it used to reside around West London (Notting Hill/Maida Vale) a few years back, then was owned by a guy over in Jersey for a while.

I think last time it was advertised for around £16k six or seven years back and it sold by a MB specialist close to me. It's done minimal mileage since.

It's probably worth most of the asking price - try and find a lower mileage example for any price?

Auto is a shame to me for these cars but not everyone dislikes them.

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