2012 ML 350

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May 3, 2020
My car is stuck in Spain been there since dec 2019
When i eventually are able to rescue it i the batteries will be flat
How do i access the car, it was locked via central locking
What issues am i going to have to deal with re batteries?
Use the blade key that's hidden in the top of the key to access the car.

I'd not even bother trying, connect a good quality battery charger like a Ctec and charge to 100%.

I had my old E320 (W166 - 2009) sat unused for 90 days - didn't even try it, just charged the battery to 100% on my Ctec. The car then started instantly first time exactly as if it had been used the day before. I did however think it didn't run as well as it should when first started, took it on a gentle 30-50 mile run after which it was completely fine.

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