A Class W168 MAFS replacement unit


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Jul 11, 2011
Hello. I am a fellow W168 MB A Class owner from Italy. I recently had
to deal with the MB policy regarding a specific repair over the car.
It appears that a vital sensor for the correct operation of the car,
the MAFS, is not replaceable directly but if found faulty MB policy is
to replace the entire ECU. That's because unbelievably and unlike all
modern vehicles the sensor which is a part subject to ruin over time
and eventually die is soldered directly to the ECU logic board.
The MAFS which has a specific part number and was produced by Temic
(Continental) is made unavailable as a single spare part in the
MB repair would cost 1600 euros to the owner over a damage of a piece
which should cost 150 euros circa.
Also note that if one decides to go on and replace the ecu after some
time the new MAFS could die again leading to the need to replace the
ECU again as per MB policy. This means at some point people will be forced to
dump their w168 as a repeated 1600 euros repair over time makes no
sense on cars which lost their market resale value.
I created a petition online to ask both Mercedes Benz and Continental
to change their policy on this particular matter.
Here's the link A Class W168 MAFS replacement unit Petition
If you are with me please go ahead and sign it.


P.S. I know there are services to repair and test the MAFS but that's not the point.

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