Abusing of Tags - Name and shame

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They are useful if they can be used in future searches. For instance look at the tags on this thread, then press one of them.

Every day is a school day, I never tried that, cool :thumb:
Do a google search for Doncaster Pikeys. Probably as a result of the tags, an MBClub thread is No 7.

Splitting hairs, but my search showed it as the 9th result.

Which still isn't much better.
Well fwiw, the prolific pikey tagger is Nick Mercedes.
Splitting hairs, but my search showed it as the 9th result.

That doesn't even mention Doncaster...


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But since banning Pikeys will not happen, and the present illegality is not stopping the trade, then maybe the cashless trade would make a significant difference. ...
As I said, strange how this thread got picked...

You have been caught out lying Dieselman - thats the truth of it. By all means highlight it further if you wish with your denials.

Your sarcasm is lost on me. It is not strange at all considering the reported posts we had and the fact a long standing member has decided to call it a day because of the abuse they received both with the tagging and by email.

The whole point of this thread is to highlight that the tags feature has been widely abused and it should not continue. What seems funny to some people may be abusive to others.

I think we should draw a line underneath things and go onwards and upwards - dont you?
Alright, Enough. I guess there has been lessons learnt.
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