Aftermarket Drop Links / Anti-Roll Bar Links

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Apr 19, 2010
W204 C63
Hi all,

My W204 C63 has just failed its MOT on perished rubber on RHS anti-roll bar link.
Obviously you can purchase various quality 'OEM' replacements but I'm wondering if there is any benefit to Whiteline upgraded adjustable drop links?
Anyone with any experience or recommendations, I'd love to hear from you.

Sorry don't know of Whiteline. Why adjustable when the correct fit just fits?

Personally I would buy Lemforder, if they're available.
With cheapo aftermarket you unlikely to get what you paid for and they'll be rattling soon enough.
Never heard of them either.

They claim to be "...a leading manufacturer of replacement, enhancement and performance suspension components..." (About Us - Whiteline Suspension - Whiteline UK), however looking-up the company - Redranger UK Ltd - on Companies House, their business activity is described as "Nature of business (SIC) 45310 - Wholesale trade of motor vehicle parts and accessories". So it's not clear if they actually manufacture the suspension components, or just put the name 'Whiteleine' on products made elsewhere (possibly made-to-order for them in the far East?). Their website has lots of photos showing race cars, but non showing any manufacturing facilities.

That been said, they products might actually be good... but I have no idea.
Mercedes ones shouldnt be expensive and the links dont die that often, I would replace them with OEM
Whiteline kit is good quality but the harder bushes can be tricky to fit and can turn into a squeak fest. There won’t be much difference in the drop links but is it the bush on the arb that is gone or the drop link.

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