alarm gone funny


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Apr 24, 2003
2002 C320
hi all, got up this morning, went to car (c180) opened doors with key fob, started, drove to petrol station, got out, locked doors, went in to buy fags, came out, pressed key fob, opened door, alarm went off, pressed keyfob but couldnt stop it or deactivate immobilisor, called AA, told its the brain box, AA man bypassed it with a wire and fuse, drove to mercedes, told box will cost me 200 plus vat! advised to try any scorpion dealer, went to alarm dealer, told its cheaper to buy a scorpion uk something for £300!!! as replacement box will cost me 150 plus resetting by computer from mercedes!!!! Now confused.
If I remove the wire put in by AA man, alarm fires off and car wont start.
this box sits on the kick plate under the passenger kick panel.


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