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Aug 27, 2009
Midlothian, Scotland
W140 S320
Anyone else going this weekend?

I'm going down tomorrow :D

Going Sunday. I am a keen karter and I need to buy a new chassis this season so going for a look.
Keep an eye out for a green Mazda MX5 (no. 46). My mate is doing a demonstration show there. Knowing his luck, he'll still get a puncture or something :)
Well, an excellent day out was had by us, we may have gone straight to the pub afterwards though :p.

The show was fantastic, I saw an Audi Quattro S1 and a Stratos in action and obviously the W140 was absolutely brilliant!

I'll do a write up later....
I went yesterday. Really enjoyed it, though I preferred the live action arena last year and the year before when it was longer and straighter. There was a much better, closer view of the action, and maybe higher speeds. I also thought the selecion of live racers was less impressive than previous years(the Stratos and Quattro were ace though!).
I also had a ride in a Caterham 7. Lots of sideways and screaming tyres. All done in 1st gear too. I came home with a face and hair full of black rubber and the smell of burning tyres in my head!
Some great static displays too - Pistonheads always have a good selection. I'm not really into the trade stuff, tho I like the memorabilia stalls. Didn't see as many diecast stalls there this yr as previous years though. I'll probably go again next year, depending on whats on.

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