Binding rear brake pad

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The required preliminary check isn't difficult - not to anyone capable of removing a roadwheel.
Wheel off, pull the pads (method varies depending on caliper type but usually straightforward requiring the minimum of tools), check piston(s) move - ie can be pushed in with moderate force and extend under moderate pedal pressure (limit piston travel by reinserting pad), check sliding element of caliper (if that type) is free and if no problems found, reassemble and continue to monitor.
Sticky components need to be sorted. Sliding part of caliper can usually be freed but sticky pistons tend to become sticky again so either a rebuild or new caliper is better. In which case the job can be handed to a garage - unless confident enough to undertake yourself (involves breaking into hydraulics and consequent bleeding and more tools for what can often be an awkward removal of caliper).
Hi Bellow, tks for this. Very helpful. Also to everyone who's helped to better inform me :)
If you can move the wheel easily by hand when it is lifted off the ground then the caliper is not binding. But squealing noises ought to be investigated - it could be that it needs new pads or they just need removing and cleaning / sliders lubing. It is so easy to do that if you watch a youtube video do it yourself - it is the most satisfying way to run a cheap older car.

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