Bluetooth on monday

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Sep 26, 2006
I'm having a Bluetooth fitted on Monday, just received the kit and am shocked at the amount of wires, obviously they need to be connected from the boot area as i have Comand so i am thinking there must be a load of trims that need to be removed:crazy: so do i...

A) Stay with the fitter and scrutinize he's work whilst been friendly.
B) Go indoors and bite my nails?
wouldn't recommend A)

Last time I did that you can't help but notice the mistakes they make and also someone stading on top of them makes them nervous.

If you do B) and he does make a slight mistake, chances arer you are not going to notice it is there.
See thats the trouble, i always go over there work just to make sure all is ok. Call me a mild perfectionist :eek:
Did you also get the Merc wiring loom as well as the standard one? I know what you mean about all the wires, but actually there are only two connectors I think.
I bought the BURY9060 and had to get the extra loom due to the Comand £70 :crazy:
I'm not that brave...
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The thing is where do i position the small arm rest or dash? any one with pictures of there own/position.
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You want to be able to see it without taking your eyes off the road, mine is on the dash against the windscreen to the right of the steering wheel. can get a photo if you like.
It has a night mode which does not distract you in the dark so that is not a problem.
Have you the same kit?
Same car (Except Estate) Same kit.....

I could get you to spend loads more if I showed you the mods on mine.......But I am nice so I wont!
MIne was from Ebay, so I got it cheap at £54. The Merc Specific wiring for it is as Evdok says about £70.
£210 fitted +£70 loom -£20 Haggle discount =£260
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Not so much fitted inc. Wiring:rock:


I havent had the chance to explore all the possibilties, but the only command it has failed on was 'Coffee milk and a sugar'......
wiring doenst look that bad :)

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