broken screen wash hose...

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This is an aside, but relevant as it's about reinstalling an interior panel (indicated by a red arrow) ..the simplest way for me to easily get it in would be to pull out part of the tailgate rubber seal (indicated with a red arc.)
The question: Will I be able to pull a corner of it off to allow space and just press it back without messing glue or sealers?
Thank you


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Yes, that should just pull off and simply push back on 👍🏻👍🏻
Well done on finding that how to video---- how much would it have cost AUDI/MERC/BMW/ etc to use some armoured hose?


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Merc parts are as follows.
A2118690172 the male bit
A2118690272 the female bit
A0045468430 piece of heat shrink pipe
As a kit it is known as A211 860 15 92.

I got a bmw/mini kit which seems the exact same but i will confirm when I get
A2118690272 which has not arrived yet.

Attached find photo of bmw kit and photo of merc and bmw male bit for pepsi challenge. As you can see, the merc stands out as much higher quality.
Fascinating stuff, I know.
I'll get back with photos of the merc kit.
Thanks for listening,


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Both bmw and merc kits are the same, so both fit my s212 anyway and other models presumably.
A great story, I know!
But thank you for listening,


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Sort of related so rather than starting a new thread….

Does anyone know where the routing for the rear washer goes on an S212 - from the reservoir at the front. I’ve got the front wheel and arch liners off and can see the reservoir, pumps, routing for the front washers and headlight washers but can’t see where those for the rears is! I’ve got a leak and it seems to be coming out from underneath the car about half way along. I’m perplexed!

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