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Nov 11, 2016
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C55 AMG Wagon

This is my first post and I would like to hear from anyone who owns or has owned a C55 AMG.

I have been looking around with the view to buy a C55 , and for what is a car that was (apparently) only built in relatively small numbers for just a few years there seems to be a lot of 'confusion' (mine mainly) on exactly what is/was available.

It could be that some of the sellers out there just don't know what they have ...or are being obtuse for other reasons.

This is where I hope you guys can help. For example I have seen a C55 saloon in silver with 33K miles on the clock and FSH advertised for £5500 as a 2004 model...I thought they were not built before 2005 ?? and the price and mileage seem too good to be true.

On the other hand I have seen a 2006 estate with high mileage for £15 K.

I have tons of questions about available spec/options etc but as this is my first post I will not ask too much just yet !

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give .

Welcome to the forum! Not seen a C55, this is going to be interesting
C55's were built from 2004. I have 2004 estate (which is fairly rare) in Tanzanite Blue. Saloons are not so rare. A low mileage well maintained estate would (I suspect) attract offers around £14k.
Yes the C55 is W203 however there were a handful of W202 C55s which are rarer than a very very rare thing.

Post what is confusing and together with the MBClub membership we'll work it out.
Great car and engine but dated. Mine was a 2004.
I realise that the car I am looking for will be up to 10 years old but as I am just dipping my toe into the world of V8 Mercs I am guessing I can get a taste of V8 AMG without breaking the bank.

Any major problems with the one you owned ?
Yes the C55 is W203 however there were a handful of W202 C55s which are rarer than a very very rare thing.

Post what is confusing and together with the MBClub membership we'll work it out.
OK, lets stick with W203 (estate or saloon, doesn't matter) for my questions.

Q1: Did the basic platform for the car remain the same throughout the build ? For example does one year have better engine/brakes/suspension..etc than any other ?

Q2: I see some have split spoke wheels and some don't , was this a dealer option ? as with the ICE, some advertisers mention premium sound system's , some don't. What was available from new and is it worth seeking out a car with any particular system ?

Any ideas for a site I can visit (not Wikipedia) to see original spec and options available when new ?

Thanks in advance.
The options on the cars were customer selectable so you are unlikely to find a definitive list (awaits somebody to disagree ;ˆ).

Leather, Command/sat nav were standard (I believe). No idea about the wheels and most will have probably had wheel changes now anyway.

The basic platform did not change much (if at all) if we are talking about the W203.

From the outside they are longer than the standard W203 to accommodate the V8. They had quad exhaust tips with most now having had the exhaust de0catted and the center resonator deleted.

The suspension was stock AMG which is very good and fairly stiff in conjunction with the AMG leather seats.

Button shift or flappy paddles were stock.

Finding a a genuine untouched and loved one is getting difficult now, especially if you want a wagon.

Finding lookalikes is easy with the glut of ebay stick on bits.

The premium sound system is advertising hooh hah. Harmon Kardon was (I believe) standard and very good.

The wheels were originally AMG dual 5 spoke 17"maybe up to 18" Again lots of these were changed.

The issue is that these are now thirteen year old cars so most will have gone through a few owners and been changed (that is not always bad) The stock car is a beauty, if you can find one.

Best bet is to find one and ask on here.
Thanks for the info.

Your last line is exactly why I joined you guys on MBclub. I knew I would get better advice from enthusiast than I would from (some) E-bay types.

Thanks again.

P.S there might be more 'dumb' questions from me as I progress.

Welcome to this forum.

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