1. brucemillar

    C55 W203 Wagon - Sunroof Drains ?

    Friends Can anybody tell me please, where the sunroof drains are to be found on my C55 W203? The car steams up heavily on all windows, when it has/is raining. It is not the windscreen scuttles ar the AC drain pipes and I found no evidence of water ingress in the usual places (boot cubby's...
  2. Petrol Pete

    A call out to all C55 owners

    A call out to all C55 AMG owners (W203 2006 Estate if possible) PLEASE take a photo of your rear brake disc calliper (thru the spokes will be enough) and post it or PM me. My dilemma is posted on this forum under 'Wheels, tyres suspension brakes etc' in the Maintenance section. This is...
  3. R

    C55 amg

    Hi all, I'm thinking of remapping my 2005 c55 amg with celtic tuning any thoughts please. Ghanks rich55
  4. mark_le_b

    C55 too cheap?

    2005 MERCEDES C55 AMG 5.4 V8 | eBay
  5. brucemillar

    C55 Carbon Rear Difuser

    Folks Does anybody have a Carbon Rear Difuser for a C55? Mine is a Wagon but I believe the Difuser fits the saloon. <OS_dispatch_group: 0x754de00>
  6. Grovsie31

    C55 is now even rarer

    There is 1 less on the road as off Saturday morning. I was travelling to Telford on the A5, taking my son to his mums house, and a pickup type truck pulled out infront of me turning across the traffic. I had no chance, didn't even apply the brakes. Cant understand how he didn't see me at this...
  7. E

    Anyone own my old C55 AMG

    I sold my C55 in 2014 and just curious if a forum member owns it. Reg: K55 ATG The spec was pretty awesome,
  8. Bigdrew

    CL55 or C55

    Hi looking for some information hopefully you guys Can help I am thinking of replacing my CLK for something Else I was looking at a CL55 or a C55 is there any problems I Should be looking out for with any of these cars and which one Would be the best to buy
  9. Grovsie31

    w203 c55 amg floor matts

    Is there anywhere i can get hold of some proper amg floor matts, other than from MB. Ive not looked how much they are, but id imagine there not cheap. The ones in my car say Mercedes Benz on them, but they dont seem to fit that well, especially the 2 in the back, they are too small.
  10. Petrol Pete

    Photo or drawing required

    Hi The Rear seat (40%) will still not fold down despite all of the advice I have been given on this forum. I ask one of you who own a 2006 C class estate to please post a photograph of the latch mechanism in the seat back (40%) right hand side, not the lever you pull to fold the seat ,but the...
  11. Petrol Pete

    C55 AMG Spark plugs cost's

    This thread relates to sparkplugs for my 2006 C55 AMG but probably covers many other MB engines. Before I bought this car 2 months ago I had done my homework regarding service/running costs and as a result I knew it would need a sparkplug change. After being quoted as much as £14+ VAT per plug...
  12. Petrol Pete

    Dipstick length

    Hi My C55 AMG 2006 has no dipstick (my wife says it has one behind the steering wheel, but I can't -for the life of me- find it :rolleyes:) I am old skool when it comes to oil level management and am quite happy for the MB installed level checking system to keep me informed about the engine...
  13. brucemillar

    C55 wants to stall and sometimes it does.

    Friends My C55 is laid up for the winter and kept garaged and healthy on a maintenance battery charger etc. Yesterday I removed the air box to clean it and fit new filters. On refitting it and starting the car!! The car runs and ticks over fine. Then when I blip the throttle and let the...
  14. Mr Fixit

    2005 W203 AMG C55 saloon

    I'm going to be selling my C55 as I now have 2 Triumph TR6's, and a 5 bikes to restore including a 1970 T100R Daytona! Anyway my C55 is the third one I have had and those that have seen my posts will know I had a C55 estate previously but this one is the best by far, the estate had the...
  15. Petrol Pete

    C55 Service intervals

    Hi Next week I will be looking at a C55 Wagon I plan to buy. Can anyone provide a link to the MB service schedule/interval for this car ? Any other 'buyers' advice would be appreciated, its a high miler , over 100K. Thanks
  16. Petrol Pete

    C55 Exaust

    As a newbie who is thinking of taking my first steps into the AMG world I have been asking 'daft' questions elsewhere on MBClub, here's another one... While tracking down a suitable old C55 I see references to removal of Catalysers and resonance box and/or the addition/removal of 'X' flow in...
  17. brucemillar

    C55 AMG Air Box requires a good spruce up

    Folks My air box on my 55 is looking the worse for wear and really needs painting. The Chrome AMG Logo's do not come off (they are part of the molding) is this a careful masking job or has anybody any good suggestions on how to retain the chrome but paint the air box?
  18. Grovsie31

    Anyone with a C55 SLK55 stock steering wheel interested in this?

    https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/15319107_10154695694534178_1807128137859676080_n.jpg?oh=d7cee758b530d08cd88b0d63849c97db&oe=58B561DC https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/15241272_10154695694759178_1579718477822422149_n.jpg?oh=9485ffde09082a7c8ee4d3e9cced92ca&oe=58C55FB5...
  19. Petrol Pete

    C55 Newbie

    Hi This is my first post and I would like to hear from anyone who owns or has owned a C55 AMG. I have been looking around with the view to buy a C55 , and for what is a car that was (apparently) only built in relatively small numbers for just a few years there seems to be a lot of 'confusion'...
  20. Mr Fixit

    C55 fog lights

    I'm having to take the front bumper of the C55 for a repair and would like to do something with the fog lights , perhaps the LED stripes (DRLS I think ) or the chrome lines with the fogs inserted. Anybody got any ideas or images of what could be done? Cheers
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