Comand NTG1 GPS issue - 2006 CLS 219

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It's not the headunit.

It is the navigation drive or the antenna. The drive has all the navigation componentry in it. How long did you leave the system to find the antenna and collect satellites? It can take 15 minutes.

Those drives are £3,000 from Mercedes!!!!! Fortunately if the drive does need changing then there are much cheaper routes ;-)
Thank you @Alfie for your prompt reply.
Apologies, I was meant to write the navi drive at the boot and not the actual HU in the dash.
Maybe the navi drive, for a reason that I cannot understand, doesn't power the Fakra plug. I tried to measure the volts but was reading 0v and not the expected 3.5v-5v but was using a cheap voltometer too..
Sorry forgot to write that I had the new antenna on the car's bootlid and later on the roof, for about an hour twice while I was driving.
Also in previous/earliers tries I had the new antenna on the bootlid for days (when returning from Europe).

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