Considering a suspension refresh

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I'm pretty fussy re NVH.

A while ago I purchased a neglected SL R129, I started replacing suspension bits over a period of time. Each bit heralded a little improvement, but not until every bit of rubber, shocks, arms, wheels, tyres, and brakes were replaced did it feel right. It took me ages, some bits I replaced more than once. In retrospect I should have just replaced everything the 1st time round.

It started as a cheap R129, and finished as an expensive one.
Good to know, thanks. I replaced everything on my last car, a Passat, and it made no difference until I then replaced shocks as well, so I assumed they were more important. I replaced shocks first on this car and it made little difference so I guess you do need everything.
Priced up everything that was available on Autodoc, £930. Oof. Doesn't include shocks either.
I did all the front bushes/control arms myself except shocks and springs. And top mounts.

Did the outer track rod ends and front ARB links. Only did the anti roll bar drop links in the rear to fix a bit of a ‘slidey’ feeling when turning.

Made a huge difference. I can’t speak to the rear suspension arms or the shocks… it all depends on budget really. If you can do them now then you’ll be able to save a bit in the long run and have great peace of mind. But all lemforder parts and Bilstein b4 shocks and springs front and back is what… £2k in parts alone? Dont forget its also £100 for a 4 wheel alignment, although there’s literally only the track rod ends to adjust which seems like a ripoff.

The biggest difference that reduced the most knocking is the front ARB drop links. Then the two big control arms. Obviously the track rod ends tightened up and changed the feeling of the steering a bit. Didn’t exactly make it into a 911.

The suspension on the w212 is firm and a bit crashy when new!
Difference to what? Handling or NVH?

It's actually £980 in bushings and arms, on Autodoc, using Febi. Bilstien shocks were about £500 last year.
Reducing/eliminating knocking sounds.

I’ve also had vibrations from sloppy tyre fitters not balancing tyres correctly, as well as weights falling off the tyres
This story is now spread across three threads but I'm posting here for completeness. I replaced the control arm bushings with Lemförder hydro ones and the problem is gone. I can no longer feel every ripple on the road, and the ride is quieter. It's hard to tell when you are alone in the car but the engine and wind noise seem a lot louder which must mean the road noise is less!

So that was it. The old bushings were still structurally sound, they did not leak their oil, but the voids were full of rubber crumbs under the dust covers and they were clearly much floppier when examined.

98k miles.

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