Cordless vacuum/Hoover recommendations

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Everytime I see people cleaning at the offices I visit, all the cleaning staff seem to use these 18V Makita back packs

Can probably be had for just under £350 if you time an offer, but not cheap. I'm not sure if a back pack might actually get in the way, but they seem reasonably well reviewed and are half the price of the Miele.
I think,like you, the backpack might get in the way or hit against the car during use. Nice idea though
Not sure if that would be gutsy enough for a whole car clean. I am thinking either Makita DVC750LZ as I have Makita batteries, or milwaukee m18cv-502b m18 18v cordless compact hand vacuum but I would have to buy a battery and charger.
It seems to make sense going for the Makita if you're already invested in that system. I'm a Milwaukee man myself.

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