My new E350CDI Coupe

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Did you sell my W202 in the end, or has your brother still got it?
Lovely colour combo and enjoyed the frank and honest write up.

I agree with re 19" wheels ....... But it still looks stunning as it is ...

Iirc your car has the new 265bhp engine and 7g+.

Different to 7g. It's improved which ain't hard. Like the colour combo and rate those seats as best in the business. It is c class based but the suspension set up (dampers and springs) will be set differently.

Thanks...and that might explain our different opinions on 5 vs 7G. My only other experience of 7G is in my C63, which I think was also 7G+ (or something). So, if the E Class is the same, I guess I've never experienced the 'standard' 7G!

Lovely lovely.... Becoming a bit of a thoroughbred Mercedes man now......

Always have been deep down since my C63's. SLS B&O system aside, it's a bit of a relief actually :eek:

Is that interior ermmmmmmm PINK??!!!

Otherwise, very nice :) I love new cars :) :)! It's definitely quite a dark red in real life.

One thing I found when I tested one a few weeks ago was the interior felt "narrow" for me with my shoulder touching the door panel and the A pillar seeming too close to my head. Have you found that? If I could get round this issue I'd have an E coupe in a heartbeat! :)

I don't notice this although I'm not of a big build. Sure, its a lot narrower than my SLS....but then so is a cruise ship :D

You must be a hell of stocky and short chap for your shoulder to touch the door panel ;) :p

I assume its C-class width rather than E given it's platform?

Great choice and a nice write up as always. I find they have to have 19s though because the 18s look a bit lost in the arches, I haven't got any complaints about the ride comfort from 18 > 19, quite the opposite, can't wait for the temperature/weather to pick up so I can get my summer wheels back on.

Yeah, as I said, I wish it had 19's :( But I guess I have the SLS for pure style and 18's will suffice for what we'll use the E for.

Good write-up as always. Am I the only one that cannot see the pics?


You're getting old mate....try opening your eyes. See, I bet they're magically there ;)

Thanks for the excellent (as usual!) write up. Not sure i would let the missus do a 4 mile commute in the SLS - it'll never get properly warmed up. Perhaps buy her something else!'s a precision-built '63 engine ;)

It'll take the commute just fine and will get plenty of longer runs to even it out. Heck, on the days I use it for work it means I'm working 'locally'....and that means an even shorter 3 mile commute :eek: I'm sure it'll cope :crazy:

Just as long as she doesn't kerb my wheels....they're £2.5k EACH :eek:

Curiosity question - Is the combined value of both your cars now more than your house?

When you announced you'd bought an SLS I was expecting pictures of your sweeping drive up the family home "Four Weddings"/Maff style. :thumb:

No offence intended at all just an observation/curiosity.

Very nice cars though, both of them.

Errrm, not sure if serious? A bit of an odd question if you ask me but will accept no offence meant.

Does my house really look that bad? It may not have a long sweeping drive or be out in the country but I can assure you that what I paid for both of my cars doesn't even touch half of the house's value. Or should I say half of what I paid for the house....which as it's brand new, is often nothing to do with it's 'value'.

Not suggesting in any way the OP is involved in under the counter pharma of any description!

And unlike typical SLS owners, I am but a wage slave. Most importantly, all earned legitimately and through bloody hard work so, despite not having reached the ability to buy that sweeping drive (yet), I'm pretty proud of what I've achieved ;)

.....not because of the SLS though, yes that is amazing but will never be a reality for me.....

This ^^ comment....never say never - I believe most things can be achieved by anyone.
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LOL! Not short (6'2) I guess I meant arm really! :) But my head got very close to the a pillar, no matter how low I set the seat. However, I really like the car so just might be able to live with it. My Nissan in Russia is just as narrow and I get used to that! :)
LOL! Not short (6'2) I guess I meant arm really! :) But my head got very close to the a pillar, no matter how low I set the seat. However, I really like the car so just might be able to live with it. My Nissan in Russia is just as narrow and I get used to that! :)

Ha ha....your description was funny! I see what you mean about the pillar as they do taper in quite considerably towards the top but I don't find the door trim any closer than in most other cars I've had.

But then you're used to the CLS (and E?) class and I found those to have a door trim a mile away from my arm!
Loved your summary and car Andy, congratulations. Still the CL is my favorite.
Simon, I couldn't see the pictures from my office this morning, but now I saw them from home (sky broadband) so maybe you are also being a victim of restrictions in your network?

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