E63 or CLS63

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Cheers chaps :devil:

What are people using to upload images I'm having trouble
Cheers chaps :devil:

What are people using to upload images I'm having trouble

Imgur - Photobucket needs to die! Basically cannibalised their business by trying to make Joe blogs pay $400/yr to post photos on 3rd party websites. It wouldn't be so bad if their site wasn't slower than treacle and compressed the hell out of images.
Both look amazing and go like stink but i'd go with the CLS, such a sleek design..think it will be my C63 replacement
I have very recently had to make this choice, so here goes:

CSL is clearly a more special car and not a car you see everywhere - the shooting break especially is quite something.

However, I went with a facelift (2014) E63 wagon against a similarly priced CSL 63 SB for the toys: 360 degrees camera, B&O and alcantara headliner. 360 camera only came in on the facelift CSL and the other options seemed rare on a CSL. The E had its facelift 2 years before the CSL. Finally, and this was just my need, my garage is 5 metres so with a CSL SB it simply wouldn't fit, whereas the E is about 10 centimetres shorter (4.91).
My post above: Should not post that late, so please read CSL = CLS :wallbash:

One more thing for the E: the panoramic sunroof, especially with a black interior, makes the interior quite a lot more airy, compared to the normal sunroof on the CLS.

Also, the facelift treatment to the E IMHO makes the exhaust arrangement more aggressive than the "buck tooth" CLS, but recognise it is personal preference. The facelift CLS to me lost some of the original uniqueness, and not convinced by the Ipad style Comand, even if it makes for a significantly larger screen.

Either way, both are stunning cars, the E more practical obviously.

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