1. C

    E63 estate exhaust...

    I'm about a month into my W212 E63 estate ownership and still loving her, amazing that it can be such a comfy cruiser returning relatively good consumption, as well loading her up for tip runs, on the other hand you whack it in Sport+ and become an absolute loon in her!!! Anyway as its a...
  2. Kei

    Brakepads on E63 AMG

    Looking to get my front and rear brakepads replaced but not sure with what. A few questions. Mercedes parts department quoted me £194+VAT for the front, £170+VAT for the back and £8.53 per sensor which seems a bit steep. I can get OEM ones cheaper. There's a front+rear+sensors set for...
  3. Oxonmb

    Cavansite Blue E63

    Hi Looking at my next car and E63 is on the list, does anyone know when they stopped or have they stopped producing Cavansite Blue E63's? I am looking for a 2015/6 model, maybe there are just not a lot of used ones around with this colour?
  4. Gistek

    W211 e63

    Hi Guys So i sold my last Merc 3 years ago for a BMW and i have finally sold the BMW and going back haha! Im looking at a E63 AMG 2007 model, just wanting your guys opinion on what to look for! The one i have found has done 99,000 KM or 61,000 miles! Any pointers would be great...
  5. damiandavis

    W211 E63 Engine Temperature Spike

    Driving in slowish traffic after driving at motorway speed and noticed the engine temp on the E63 rising from the usual 100C to 114C. Not seen this happen before and as soon as i got some speed up the temp dropped again. Is this a cause for concern or usual behaviour? Oil recently changed...
  6. ACB44

    E63 race start

    So mine is a 62 plate and I havent been able to engage race start. I asked MB on the last service but it was when i picked it up and he didnt know whether it was on my car BUT he dud say "you only have a limited number of uses and then it cant be used again, ever" now that sounded BS to me...
  7. addbuyer

    E63 or CLS63

    Guys which one? Also, are they built on the same chassis?
  8. CarlPea

    E63 W212 - Air released when parked.

    Hi, I've got an E63 W212 and once I've parked up I can hear an air valve releasing pressure every couple of, maybe five, minutes, even a few hours after I've parked up. The rear of the car doesn't drop at all, even after leaving for a week +, so I'm assuming it's normal?
  9. FateSynchro

    E63 5.5, Intercooler and Oil Cooler help???

    Right, So im running a nice tune from msl that takes her to over 700bhp... the problem is with any prolonged use the oil temps and intake temps do start to get up. So to address this is there anything off the shelf that can be used? or would i have to go down the custom route? I want to...
  10. H

    2014 E63 Windscreen cowl trim

    I have 2014 E63 estate which has a buzz/ vibration on rough roads that I've traced to the windscreen cowl. Putting felt tape under one of the tabs seems to cure the issue. Could somebody check their car and see if this tab is exposed like mine or fitted in the clipped in? Thanks.
  11. FateSynchro

    Clutch relearn/Gearbox reset - E63 W212

    My box is a bit less smooth first thing on a morning and sometimes after been stood (hot) for a few hours, usually 2nd to 3rd and 4th to 5th are the two that make a more obvious shift, its not mega rough or anything but there is a noticeable difference between the rest of the shifts. I have...
  12. Psilonaught

    Restored my AMG E63 alcantara steering wheel

    The car has done 29k so relatively low miles, but the car had horrible alcantara on the wheel. I used elbow grease and car shampoo foam, and I think the results speak for themselves! Very happy and the wheel feels amazing now. :bannana:
  13. damiandavis

    E63 7G-Tronic Box - Signs of wear or normal?

    Hi all, still a fresh faced padawan to AMG's so probably this question has been asked a thousand times and the answer is "they all do that". I've noticed that the 7G-Tronic in my 2007 E63 is smooth on the upshift and slightly lumpier on the downshift. seems to be 4th and 2nd that i feel the...
  14. merc85

    e63 rep How much??

    Lovely car but....... How much:eek: MERCEDES E320 ESTATE CDI E63 E55 AMG REPLICA | eBay
  15. C

    Picked up my E63 Estate tonight!

    Well picked up my 2014 e63 estate this afternoon. Unfortunately weather was crap and sat for a few hours in the m25 car park so not really had a chance to open it up, it did give me a chance to have a play with the buttons and bits inside. The thing that most impressed me was the Distronic...
  16. Psilonaught

    Questions about the ECU controlled exhaust on E63

    still early in my ownership of an E63, so still getting used to it. Today i noticed that the exhaust volume on start up, and for around 10 seconds was nice and loud, and then it dropped by about half. I sounded like a flap or valve was suddenly closing. I have read on here and elsewhere...
  17. L

    E63 M157 exhaust questions

    I know there's been some discussion in various threads about different exhaust options but I wanted to try and consolidate everything. So as I understand it, these are the options: 1. Remove the resonators and replace with either a straight through pipe on either side, an X pipe or an H pipe...
  18. pmcgsmurf

    WANTED: E55 W211 Saloon Silver Pan Roof (may consider E63)

    Hi folks I'm on the lookout for a W211 E55 Saloon, must be silver, must have Panoramic roof. Looking for around 100k mileage, full history (documented receipts) with around 4 owners maximum. May consider an early E63 depending on mileage & cost.
  19. damiandavis

    E63 W211 - 2007 Service Advice

    Hi All, advice time for a new E63 Owner. Good news is that the 2007 E63 i've just bought has almost flawless servicing and has just had a full oil change, and plugs 1 yr ago. My question is twofold. Firstly the Transmission Service was last done in 2012 at 35k miles. The car is now on 59k so...
  20. C

    What are my wheel size options for my E63 estate?

    As above I pick up my 2014 E63 estate in a couple of days and already thinking of changing the wheels to something with a concave/Vossen look and perhaps up to 20". From the outset I was never a fan of the factory wheels so was already in my mind about replacing them (as well as changing the...
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