Electric windows w202 c200

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David Bird

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Jan 29, 2013
Chadderton nr Oldham Gtr Manchester
Mercedes C200 stunning condition Rare Red 1999
On sunday went to close drivers window and although working perfectly whilst i have had car with no signs of a problem window closed very slowly in short jerky movements and stopped about 4 inches from shut ,my partner thinking it was me not pressing button correctly pressed it and the window shut the last 4 inches perfectly (she raised her eyebrows ) minutes later she went to close passenger side window and jeez same again slow jerky movements , any obvious culprit ?
Have you had the battery disconnected recently?
refer to manual,or when window closed press and hold window switch until it clicks,do this on all windows and it will reset.
well that was confusing ,tried as suggested and only drivers window came back into operation . As a last resort i got out of car and used door key to open windows and then close them again and that seemed to do the trick ,all now working .

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