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  2. A

    W202 CDI Tuning Box

    Wanted a Tuning Box to fit a W202 220CDI, please.
  3. Abb

    W202 C43 Subframe & Diff bush part numbers??

    As I have began to embark on the slippery slope of restoring a W202 C43, I have decided whilst I have the rear subframe removed, to replace the bushes incl the diff bush. Do any of you good peeps have the part numbers (as WIS wont work on my macbook :mad:) for all the rear subframe bushes and...
  4. Wigglesworth

    W202 2.88 Differential wanted.

    As per post, I am after a good condition 2.88/2.87:1 diff for my W202. My car is a 1997 but needs a diff with the ABS sensor fitted. The later diff is no good as I can't fit the ABS sensor to it! I would like spend less than £100 and don't mind traveling within 150 miles from J30 M1 for...
  5. T

    W202 wanted

    Any late w202 c class saloons for sale? Has to be automatic and has to be a sport.
  6. c43 merc

    W202 C43 Parts For Sale

    Hi, I have the following parts for sale all original items 1. Genuine C43 Bodykit inc foglamps x 2 2. Genuine C43 xenon headlamps 3. Genuine AMG 17'' C43 Wheels x 2 sets of with the correct width front and back 4. Genuine C43 interior 5 seater seats out of a saloon. 5. Genuine AMG boot...
  7. VioAmethyst

    W202 losing coolant

    Hello! Help! I've got a 2L auto w202, and it's losing coolant. I don't see any leaks, but I go through around 5 litres a week, and there's oil in the radiator as well. However I don't see any coolant in the oil, and there's no white smoke which leads me to hope that it isn't the CHG. I've heard...
  8. Nasco12

    W202: seized locks

    Post-facelift W202 Door lock: key goes all the way in but does not turn Boot lock: key goes all the way in but does not turn Glove box: key works Boot lock problems are common on this model. There is a release on the fob and inside the car so the lock doesn't get used and seizes. But...
  9. A

    W202 black leather interior

    For sale black leather interior from amg mercedes complete with door cards. Rear seats have lumbers making them 2 seater complete with the head restraints.
  10. tron

    W202 alloys four, free with tyres.

    Nothing special, fairly tidy, standard W202 ten hole alloys from 1998 S202 Elegance. Two Uniroyals with wear to outer edge, two more in good nick with plenty of tread. Need the space so £0. Buyer collects from Poole.
  11. B

    250TD Sport (W202) 1997 Auto

    Anyone know part no. Of coolant pipe for auto transmission or where to get one:wallbash:
  12. Justin1600

    Wanted w202 C43 Exhaust Manifolds

    As Above, if anybody has some. Think they are the same as w208 CLK 430 ones
  13. J

    W202 facelift C180 2 cylinder

    Ouch!!! My C180 '97 run only with 2 and 3 cylinder. 1 and 4 not have Sparkling and injector not run. Help please. Have idea of disaster? Thanks
  14. F

    W202 C230 Kompressor problem

    1998 W202 C230 Kompressor ..the Kompressor is not coming on when I accelerate hard and will not rev over 4200. It shudders at this and power fades. I then have to slowly accelerate and it`s fine driving in normal mode. The compressor has always been a bit jerky at it`s start but worked...
  15. noogieman

    Do eüro w202 have seat belt warning in cluster

    I wonder if 1998 -1999 w202 C43 AMG had seat belt warning illumination in cluster? Seat belt warning is on the bottom left side corner seen in cluster display. I don't know if I have this feature seat belt warning on my car or if my bulb is out? Do any of you have it on your C43 cars...
  16. M

    C220 W202 won't start

    Can anyone help me resolve the starting problem that's just happened with my 1995 c220 W202 petrol saloon? The car's always been a good starter but 2 days ago I turned the key and, for a second, the engine fired. It then died. No indicators in the instrument panel had changed from normal (SRS...
  17. tron

    W202 passenger front door speaker grille

    In grey, please if anybody has one.
  18. noogieman

    4SALE W202 Manual rear blind

    Ready to ship worldwide: Blinds for w202 C-klasse 1993 - 2000. 1x manual rear blind in X-ellent condition. Comes with mounting parts. Black mesh. 1x passengers door blind, brand new. Black mesh. Shoot me a pm if you're interested?
  19. tron

    Wanted W202 Diesel estate

    250TD or 220CDI. Looking for a very good car. I don't expect perfection but I want a good one to keep and use daily. Must have: aircon Nice to have : leather, below 200,000 miles, service history.
  20. Shala

    W202 C220 CDI W reg red

    looking for a red c220 cdi on w202 shape. this is to replace 1 that was written off 4 years back. I am starting to miss it now. this is kind of how I want to make it
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