Finally, my first AMG.

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It wont hurt it....but every 3000 miles is overkill unless it spends all its time in town or on a track. They are every every 12 months or 15k miles are they not? I might be halving that if I drove hard....but no more. 15,000 rpm superbikes with far tighter tolerance engines than a car only need new oil every 4000 miles or so. Your car and your money though.
Oh I know it's an overkill,
I do live in London so am stuck in traffic 30-40% of cars time, I know it's not the end of the world however as you said it doesn't hurt and my oil changes usually align with anything else I'm deciding to do with the car so I do it as a "might as well" whenever I'm at the garage..
The same thing for me too, I understand.


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