Gone and back again (almost)

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Jul 23, 2022
W204 C63
I’ve been a quiet member in here for a little while, certainly through my W204 C63 ownership. Love the forum and its wealth of knowledge but never had much to say that hadn’t been said before.

The need to run a car for work, putting circa 2000 miles a month on it meant it was time to let the C63 go, which I did in January. I still miss it, but it simply isn’t viable at the moment.


It’s still for sale at a dealer four months on.

I changed it for a Freelander 2. It did the job, decent mpg and okay inside - reasonable sound system too. However, I simply could not get comfortable in the seats. I was no doubt spoiled with the comfort of its predecessor.

After 120 days, the Freelander is going the distance and I’ll be back in the Mercedes fold, albeit not AMG sadly.

I’ve plumped for a CLS Shooting Brake. 350d. So not completely slow, but with the comfort I’ve become used to over the years.


I’ll still lurk here, although I’ve probably less to say than before now! Enjoy the AMGs everyone, I’ll still miss the C63 especially when I see none AMG versions badged on the road. :) I’ll be back at some point I’m sure, but in the meantime I’ll be wafting along somewhere…
Do you mind saying which dealer the car is at?
Not at all. I’m hoping someone buys it soon as I keep getting tempted! Belle Vue Vehicles near Newcastle. I will happily talk to anyone interested in the car and let them know about my ownership of it as it’s an absolute cracker.

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