Identifying Comand Head Unit

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Aug 22, 2023
Kwik intro then my question (second 2). I've closed a gap of 21 years from me selling my SL500 (R129) by this month taking delivery of a 2018 SL63 (R231). Everything about the SL63 is outstanding with one exception: MB obviously copied their OEM audio-system from that used in the Trabant. I've been speaking with the very knowledgeable Richie & Mark @ Command Onlie about installing a Harmon Kardon system. They agree and advise replacing the HK speakers with Morel Virtus speakers. That is until I listened to a Bose system in an SL, it blew me away! Unfortunately the boys at CO can't get the looms for these, so I have bitten the bullet and I'm driving to Germany to have the Bose installed.

I am trying to establish which Command head unit I have but have been unable to find if there is an MB series of keystrokes to enter engineering mode. I have the original buildhseet, yet cannot find it here either. The reason I'm doing this is because despite every other high-end car manufacturer offering speed camera alerts, MB doesn't appear to do so - possibly something to do with German traffic regulations - and I'd like to instal the SCDB database, failing this I'll buy the new Saphe Premium, unless anyone can point me in a better direction please?
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