Matt finish

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May 6, 2008
E350cdi Sport cabriolet
When in the local dealer I saw 2 matt finish C classes, one grey and the other a yellow/white. I can't say they appealed and although brand new they didn't look very clean. The salesman said they had sold a couple but he understood they are a swine to maintain. Also the finish is not very long lasting.

Any matt surface has to be rougher than a gloss one by definition so they must be dirt traps.

Anybody any experience of them and does anyone like the finish?

Seems to me its a bit like Belgium, what's it for?
I've seen a few 'matt' cars on the road and they don't do much for me to be honest.

The worse one I have come across is a 2006 Vectra in matt black.

And yes, it looked just how you're picturing it in your mind....
Theres a 208 CLK rounnd my way with a matt black finish.

Almost all the Mercs at the Geneva show last year were Matt. They looked flippin horrible no matter what model...

And yes I include the C63 & SLS in that also sorry...






I really dont get this matt finish thing. All the ones I have seen look dreadful
Went on a guided tour of the Bentley factory at Crewe a couple of years ago - courtesy of the Mercedes-Benz Club. One of the options on a new Bentley was a satin paint finish. Cost of this particular option? A mere £20,000.

Daft, I call it.
They look a lot better in the photos here than they did in the MB showroom especially the dirty white one I saw. The salesman also said they were a couple of thou more than standard paints. I'm amazed they even sold 2.
Unless they have an advantage in keeping clean, ie just throw a bucket of water at it, I just can't see what the atraction would be.
the c350 blue efficiency looks like it forgot to go into the paint shop and is just raw panels.. hmm
Many years ago my grandfather bought a new Austin Maxi. It was supposed to be metallic pale blue but he was convinced the finish was not right. Turned out they had not applied the lacquer at the factory. The finish looked just like the SLK above. Perhaps British Leyland were years ahead in paint finishes.
I'm reliably informed You can achieve the same effect by buying a standard finish car and putting it through a low rent car wash several times. Best to wait behind a really dirty 4x4 in the queue evidently.:p
If you don't stop taking photos of me , I'm gonna jam that camera up your ....
Running behind schedule for the Frankfurt display Dr. Dieter Zetsche issues instructions the door handles are to be attached with super glue for the press event. Unfortunately nobody mentioned this to Heidi.

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