1. B

    Diamond Cut or Painted Finish advise

    Hi all I have a CLS350 with Diamond cut AMG 18" alloys, which were refurbished about 18 months ago. After about 9 months the first signs of milkiness appeared again around one of the hubs and now all four have gone again despite me following a strict cleaning, drying and polishing routine. I...
  2. Piff

    Acrylic satin finish

    I generally prefer to use oil based paints for decorating internal woodwork and have already decorated bare skirtings, etc with an oil based primer. What is the panels thoughts on subsequent coats? I would usually then apply 1 coat oil based undercoat followed by 1 coat oil based satinwood...
  3. IMD

    AMG 18 Inch Split Rim refurb finish advice

    Hi all, I'm asking Lepsons for a quote to refurbish my AMG 2 piece 18 inch split rims. I bought the wheels last year and they have been repainted by the past owner. Does anyone know the original finish? Is it painted face and polished rim or painted face and diamond cut rim, or another...
  4. K

    Control-APS LCD screen finish problem

    Hi just got a new to me SL 350 and the weathers been great! I've attached a pic of the problem. Has someone been an aggressive cleaner and warn off the anti-glare. Only show on dark screen but does age the interior. Tried LCD cleaner and makes no difference. Can i polish off...
  5. jonnyboy

    best/cost effective finish for my 129 Carlsson split rims?

    Guys As i move back into the world of MB, my 129 project is having some dust blown off it. I am held back by certain factors, most notably cashflow lol. However, whilst I gather the funds for some repainting, my attention turn to the wheels. This is an old prev owner pic of the car with...
  6. D

    w124 e220 minimal damage run n drive copart finish todAY

  7. nb_racing

    Wax vs varnish vs oil to finish old wood

    I'm 90% way through a house renovation and as part of that we have stripped off 80 years of paint from the stairs and bannisters. We are back to the bare unfinished wood. We want to keep a natural finish, ie not painted, but are unsure as to the pros and cons of waxing, varnishing and oiling...
  8. C

    Wanted - R230 SL centre console 2005 onwards

    R230 SL centre console - any finish, must be 2005 or later. Doesn't matter if it's scratched or the likes, but must be intact with no clips missing please.
  9. Z

    Clouding in Black Metallic Finish Paintwork

    My question is really aimed at those who are expert in the area or those that have had experience in a similar matter. As a former owner of Silver Metallic C220 CDI Sport, I see the attraction of cars with Metallic type finishes. Am very close to purchasing a low mileage 07 Class C180K...
  10. Fordwick

    Paint finish on cars

    Could any of you folks enlighten me on the advantages or disadvantages of non-metallic and metallic paint finish, obviously apart from cost. Thanks.
  11. M

    What paint finish have I got?

    Do modern Mercs. have some sort of lacquer coating? 16 month old car is shiny enough but I sense a little claybaring might remove some minor swirling, then a cleanser (Poorboys did wonders on previous black car) and a wax could improve matters, for I want a really deep wet-look finish. If...
  12. Bakili

    Alloy Wheels Refurbishment Diamond Cut Finish

    Hey guys Bought set of alloys for my w211 e320. They are 8Jx17 ET38 but in diamond cut/machine polished finish :wallbash: Been looking ages for these particular set of wheels, as believe these are rare wheels in 17" size Did not paid much for them, considering tyres are brand new free with...
  13. I

    Chrome finish wheels

    Hello all Have just purchased an ML320 sport 06 It has chrome finish wheels (255 55 19), I have changed my mind on them and would like to change for standard 5 spoke alloys. What would be the best bet :- sell & purchase used alloys, swap if possible, or refurbish Dealer very 'kindly' put...
  14. R

    Mirror finish

    Well 4 months of winter experimenting has produced this result :)
  15. S

    C63 Wheel Refurb / Finish in London.

    Hi, I have a set of 19's for my C63. 3 of the wheels are perfect but one has a ding on the rim face. I need to get the wheel repaired and refinished. I am based in London. The key criteria: 1) A good finish 2) Convenience 3) London location The wheel is off the car so I can take it...
  16. A

    C55 alloy refurb & finish

    Rear tyres are gone, so if I can afford it, a good time to get the pair of alloys refurbed for the first time! Reading through past threads, I see lots of recommendations for places a very long way away from me! :( Anyone have any recommendations for NW London (Middlesex/Hillingdon area)...
  17. P

    Matt finish

    When in the local dealer I saw 2 matt finish C classes, one grey and the other a yellow/white. I can't say they appealed and although brand new they didn't look very clean. The salesman said they had sold a couple but he understood they are a swine to maintain. Also the finish is not very long...
  18. Mactech

    Mercedes...rubbish finish!

    I've been at the Frankfurt Motorshow all this week...and yes I've seen all the dazzling new models in Mercedes own complete hall. The new ML looks rather better in the flesh and all the AMG models are...err...popular:D However, not far from where I am working there is the sports car...
  19. M

    Samsung 40" LCD HD TV 1080p RED ROSE GLOSS FINISH 6 series xbox 360 ps3

    Hi I am selling up my samsung LCD 40 6 series elegant television It is not a budget samsung television, its a high end model with 100hz mega contrast ratio & 6ms response time, & 4x hdmi ports + USB... £300 cash on collection can add ps3 for £100 more OR xbox360 for £60 more Interested call...
  20. W210 Fan

    Designo `water` interior wood finish

    ok its not ebay but... Mercedes : E280 V6 Avantgarde (Designo) *79k FSH* *AMG Styling* + *Fully Loaded* I have only ever seen this finish once and it was on an interior set for sale years ago on ebay, its a bit marmite but I think its great, apart from the MAF and the copy wheels it...
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