ML W164 crank but no start

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Apr 8, 2008
Grt Manchester
ML Sport
I have an intermittent fault where the engine cranks but won’t start. Over the last 6 months I had the vehicle recovered to the garage but each time after being unloaded it starts
Only fault showing on Star is 1 faulty glow plug.
Any pointers would be appreciated
It could be so many different thing. Could be a sensor overheating and then cooling off after the recovery? Bad wiring/connection somewhere?

Ideally needs to be plugged in while the fault is happening. Did the garage mention any stored temporary codes?
low fuel pressure is very common culprit, it does not trigger a code if it happens before engine fires. Is it worse at cold, or totally random? Sensor implausibilities should trigger a code, but for example faulty fuel temp sensor reading may prevent starting.
Thank for replies update
change fuel filter and up graded software to car.
drove home form garage and parked on drive, next day crank but no start:mad::mad:
Garage came out today and plugged into star only showing glowpulg fault which we knew.
Put power pack on and started.
going to put a new battery tomorrow and see.
What i failed to mention if it relivant that each time its failed to start its been on a slight incline.
So new battery fitted started no problem. Drove 6 mile called into a shop came out Crank no start, the car was parked up a slight incline??? Recovered again
Live data needs to be checked when its faulting. Low fuel pressure can cause these symptoms.
Check low side fuel pressure and also worth checking injector leak off quantity

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